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Released: 2006
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Harte Pinsel, Feuchte Mosen Tabu
  • Rogue Traders 2: Tools of the Trade
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 93 mins.

It's nice to see that, after their first foray into consumer protection, the Relish team have once again decided to wheedle out the dodgy dealers and the fraudulent fixers in Rogue Traders 2. To help root out the rascals, seven great girls have been gathered, including Michelle B, Renee Richards and Frankie and, for those continental cons, Sarah Twain.

It's bin day and Frankie is throwing out her rubbish. Bin man James notices she has a vibrator at the top of her black sack. Frankie has worn it out through over use and he offers his cock as a replacement. She doesn't need to be asked twice. She grabs it, it goes straight into her mouth and she starts to suck. James plays with Frankie's bum as he pokes his prick into her cheek. Frankie removes her red knickers and leans against the wall to be fucked from behind. The pair fall back into the pile of black bags. Climbing onto James's shaft, Frankie rides him. She tastes her juices from his dick and slides her pussy lips down his saliva-covered shaft. The two roll over and James pumps at Frankie's pussy till he is ready to cum, then showers her body with jizz.

In their white overalls, Michelle and Sarah Twain are painting Steve Hooper's flat. He is horrified to see that the girls have drawn cocks and cunts on his walls and orders them out. When they remove their overalls and stand in their white basques and knickers, with Michelle's nipples peeking out of the top of her outfit, Steve has a change of heart. To thank him the pair crouch in front of his cock, each girl attempting to take if further down their throat. Steve's fingers play with their fannies. Sarah drops her knickers and slides down Steve's shaft and Michelle dives in to lick between bouts of bonking. The girls change places and Michelle's boobs bounce as Steve hammers into her damp hole. She bends forward to lap at Sarah's pussy. Spreading her legs wide, Steve eases his dick into Sarah's arse, Michelle sits beside them, a vibrator in her pussy. Removing the toy, Michelle uses it to DP Sarah. Steve swaps holes and juices run out of her bum and drip onto his cock. The girls sit open mouthed while Steve jerks off over their faces.

Sassy hides under the bedclothes in the dark - the lights have gone out. Electrician Danny is at hand and the power is quickly restored. Sassy throws the covers off and sits in her white lingerie and stockings. She doesn't know how to thank Danny, but he has an idea - with his dick out, he joins her. Wrapping her lips around the head of his cock, Sassy starts to wank. Danny eases his fingers down her knickers and into her tight pussy. Her knickers off, Sassy perches her pussy on Danny's manhood and starts to rock. Her bra comes off as she slowly sinks down and he sucks on her tits. Screwing her self round, Sassy gyrates her hips. The two fall onto their sides and continue in spoons. The scene ends with Sassy being fucked on all fours and Danny firing his load over her back.

Tammy is out collecting clothes for the homeless when she knocks at Renee's door. Renee's bag, being full of PVC basques, suspenders and crotch-less knickers, is not exactly what she had in mind as warm clothing. Renee tells her to try some on - she'll soon feel hot. Tammy sits on the bed to fasten her red PVC basque. As she zips up her black thigh length boots, Madam Renee enters in a black latex dress and fishnets, a crop in hand. Tammy is laid over Renee's knee to have her bum spanked. Though screaming she seems to enjoy it and begs for more. Renee spreads Tammy's arse and starts to lick. A knobbled toy is pushed up her backside, and a gag applied to quieten her down. Pulling on her strap-on, Renee hammers hard into Tammy's fanny. The girls lick the juices from the shaft. Renee wants her pussy cleaned and forces Tammy's face between her legs. Tammy's tongue darts down over her arse. Picking up a double-ended dong, the two swallow before sharing it in their pussies. Then, banging against each other, they climax.

Tall blonde Janet Alfaro faces a problem - a pile of washing and a machine which doesn't work. As she waits for the engineer to turn up she experiments with things in the kitchen, rubbing her pussy with a spatula and sitting on top of the vacuum. Ian turns up with his tools and sets straight to work, his fingers stroking Janet's pussy. Pulling down his pants, Janet takes a mouth full of dick. Ian's balls press against her chin as she swallows. Bent over the bench, she is being banged from behind when her husband returns. She soon pops his prick in her mouth. The three drop to the floor, Janet propping herself against the cupboards, and her fanny and face are filled with dick. Moving a cock into her arse she invites Ian to add his dick to her pussy. Half way through she turns over. Kneeling between the pair, Janet yanks at their cocks and the boys flood her mouth and face with cream.

This is one of the best films Relish have produced in some time with a good mix of action, cleanly and crisply shot. OK the idea of randy tradesmen is not new, but the girls and guys were well cast and directed, all giving hot and horny performances. Well done Hazza, let's see more of this quality.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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