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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight
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Running time: 98 mins.

Kendo, the master of the eroto-fetishist genre, takes us to his nightmarish world where men have been dispensed with and beautiful girls find their pleasure with rods and pulleys in seedy cellars. Exploring this world of motorised dildos, four British girls - Elle Brook, Lolly Badcock, Michelle B and Suzie Best - are joined by some of Europe's finest - Angel Dark, Claudia Adams, Liliane Tiger and Nataly Lancaster - in five scenes of pussy pounding.

With collars around their necks, Suzie and Nataly stand in a candle lit dungeon while a machine thumps away in the centre of the room. Running a red shiny baton over her body, Nataly watches while Suzie sucks on the pulsating plastic prick. Her red rod covered in pussy juice, Nataly pops it into her mouth. Dropping to the floor, Suzie guides the throbbing machine between her legs. She throws her head back as it jabs deep into her pussy. On the other side of the cell a sybian buzzes away, Nataly sinks down onto the vibrating plate, pushing it hard against her pussy. Dripping, Suzie turns off the machine to fill herself with chains. Slowly pulling it, Nataly licks each link as it plops out of Suzie's pussy. With the red rod between her legs, Suzie settles down on to Nataly's face.

In a filthy cell, an oil covered Michelle leans against the wall. A dentist's chair awaits in the corner. Sitting down, Michelle slips in a finger or two. Then three, then four go into her fanny and she starts to play. Grabbing a flexible black dildo, she doubles it up and tries to fill her holes. A naked light bulb swings as a kneeling Michelle first stuffs her pussy, then feeds the toy down her throat. The chair is replaced by a fucking machine. Crab-like Michelle crawls towards the thrusting arm and impales herself on the tool. Clanking and shaking, the machine hammers away at Michelle's glistening body till she climaxes.

A masked Claudia Adams strokes a pink plastic dildo and caresses her body. Some way away, Elle, in a quilted silver basque and tight black garter belt, fingers her fanny. The camera yo-yos between the pair as they pull and probe at their pussies. With both girls dripping wet, Claudia kneels on a black leather chair and guides the juddering machine between her thighs. Elle positions herself on a rocking chair holding a dildo, which penetrates her pussy with every sway. Turning over, the arm stabs quicker into Claudia. Elle rocks harder and faster on the plastic dick. After tasting their toys, the two come together to kiss.

Angel Dark and Liliane Tiger find themselves suspended in red straps as the machines do their work in the fourth scene.

Last up is Lolly. In her thigh length black boots, she drapes herself across a high back chair which sits in a pool of light. Licking her lips, Lolly drags her nails across her oil covered tits. Her body jolts as she drives her hand into her pussy. Covered in juices, Lolly licks her fingers. Grabbing the arm of the fucking machine, Lolly spits and slobbers over the transparent pink end. Opening her legs, she plunges it deep into her pussy. Hanging half off the chair, Lolly turns up the speed of the machine. It rocks and rattles as it fucks her. Turning onto all fours, Lolly's pussy lips quiver with the mechanical manhood. Her hair tousled, she shakes with pleasure. The machine has done its work.

Whilst Kendo's vision of the future of automation may not be to everyone's taste, there is no doubting the quality of his work. Juxtaposing the sexy antics of the girls with their bleak and slightly squalid surroundings, this is a combination of fine performances with expert direction from Kendo. Rise of the Machines rates with the best.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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