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Released: 2007
Director: John Mason
Notes: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 103 mins + 46 min. bonus

Ride My Girlfriend is a collection of short scenes from the camera of John Mason, where a girl gets the chance to star alongside either Pascal or Tony James in some boy/girl action. The style and setting of the action is 'typical' of John Mason's work, being filmed either on his sofa or in his bedroom.

Wearing a silver micro-bikini, pert-breasted Carmen kneels on the bed with Tony. Pulling aside her bra, he bites at her boobs. Carmen's panties come off and Tony moves to her pussy. Unzipping Tony's jeans, Carmen sucks at his dick as a prelude to some 69ing. Climbing onto Tony's cock, Carmen rides cowgirl. She twists round and continues to ride him, reverse. Dripping with sweat, Tony bangs away missionary. He finishes off firing his cream over Carmen's face.

Peeling off her bra, Lucy lets Pascal rub at her white panties while he sucks at her boobs. Knickers off, Pascal munches at Lucy's shaven snatch as he slips in his thumb. Caressing Pascal's cock and balls, Lucy pops the tip between her lips. Settling onto his face, the two 69. Lowering herself onto Pascal's prick, Lucy gyrates reverse cowgirl. Falling onto their side, the couple bang away spoons. Down on all fours, Lucy gets taken from behind. Pascal finishes by covering her feet with cum.

Amanda (as Nikki), in her lemon lingerie, is the next girl to appear on John's sofa. Fingering her panties, Pascal joins her and licks between her legs as she stretches out. Her hands make for the front of Pascal's pants. Releasing his prick, Amanda starts to suck. Falling back, Pascal thrusts into Amanda's pussy. Balancing on Pascal's thighs, Amanda drops down onto his dick. Tumbling over, the two shag away spoons. A little more missionary and Pascal pops his load over Amanda's pussy.

Her legs folded under her, Sylvie sits on the bed next to Tony. Lifting her pale yellow top, he plays with her tits before yanking at her panties to get at her pussy. Easing down his jeans, Sylvie wraps her lips around his length. Her head bobs. Following some 69 action, Sylvie sits on Tony's dick and rides. She falls forward to be fucked doggy. The bed squeaks as the two bang away spoons. Tony pulls out and coats Sylvie's tits in spunk.

In her short red dress with matching knickers, Iowana (as Yvonne) shares the bed with Pascal. Raising the dress up to her shoulders, he kisses her boobs as he strokes at her panties. Lying back, Iowana lets Pascal lap at her shaven pussy, then enters her missionary. Dress discarded, Iowana turns on to her side. Pascal lies beside her and slips in his cock. She pushes herself up to ride him reverse. Returning to missionary, Pascal hammers away until he's ready to cum over Iowana's tits.

Finding buxom Angela (as Sharon) in the kitchen, Pascal presses her against the work bench as they kiss. Dropping to her knees, Angela jerks at his cock before swallowing it. Her tongue runs up and down the damp length. Black skirt cast aside, she bends over the work top to be fucked from behind. Pascal moves his prick from her pussy to her arse. This shagging session is brought to an end with Angela receiving a facial.

Undoing her white bra and losing her skirt, Shila slips off the sofa and kneels in front of Tony. Taking out his cheb, she fills her mouth. The pair climb back onto the settee to 69. Shila slides down his body on to his dick for a ride. Leaning over the arm of the sofa, Shila's pussy is filled doggy style. The image goes out of focus as the camera moves in for some close-ups. The two twist and turn their way through spoons, to reverse, then missionary. Shila ends the scene with a face full of spunk from Tony.

Cleanly shot, well lit and nearly all in focus, Ride My Girlfriend has seven reasonable scenes, but the film contains nothing to make it stand out. With Pascal and Tony involved, you'd expect a little banter and build up with the girls before the action starts. But this is what the scenes lack. If it's seven scenes of action you are after, Ride My Girlfriend ticks the box, but anything on top of that is missing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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