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Released: 1990s
Notes: Magma
Alternate Titles
  • Sarah und ihre geilen Nichten
Notes and Reviews

(Sarah und ihre geilen Nichten)

A Magma film with German overdub, but filmed in and around the UK porn capital - Northampton. Scenes are linked by the cameraman speaking to Sandra Lester, presumably the Sarah of the title, often at the railway station.

  • Josie Wood and Sandra Lester step off a canal barge with Tim and a German bloke and go into a field where the couples begin fondling each other. Sandra and the German bloke go off and the other two pet for a bit then split up. Sandra is giving her bloke a blowjob when Tim comes up to them and joins in. There are various positional changes and every so often there is a cut away to a barge going past - the threesome is only partly obscured from the canal by a hedge and at one point the occupants of a barge wave and cheer them on. Tim wanders off and the other two continue to a cumshot over her tits.
  • Steve Thorpe and Marina Curran walk into the country and begin to grope each other on a tree stump. He gets a blowjob. They move to somewhere a bit more private and the bj is resumed when Vinny Curran jogs past. He stops and comes back to peep on them from behind a bush. They fuck and Marina then notices Vinny and gets him to join in. She takes a facial from Vinny. This is a good facial but shot from a poor angle. She is lying on her back and the camera is at her feet and much of the facial is thus obscured by her chin. They are interrupted by another jogger and run off.
  • Sandra Lester in the shower and dildoing herself with a wine bottle.
  • Sandra meets Marie Fernandez at the station. Marie drives off and we next see her enter a room where the German bloke is lying on a bed - m/f to cumshot over tits.
  • Sandra is playing the piano when Tim and the German bloke arrive - threesome on the sofa, including a DPP. Tim cums over her bum.
  • Josie and Marie come into the room and find Sandra and the two men naked and recovering. Sandra leaves in unlikely embarrassment and the two girls take over - Marie with Tim and Josie with the German. Sandra peeps and wanks. The four swap partners and carry on. The men cum over the tits of both girls.

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