< Schoolgirl Seduction Volume 1

Released: 2000
Notes: Tamara, export version of Innocent Openings 7
Notes and Reviews

Amanda Dawkins is wearing a tight blue top and short black skirt, walking in the park. She is persuaded to remove her underwear and adopt various revealing and contorted poses in the park and is her usual chatty self - the pretence of a casual encounter with the cameraman is soon abandoned. When the cameraman comments that he is doing an 'extreme close-up' of her pussy, she says that she has worked on Extreme Close Up - the Television X programme, she explains. I'll bet that gets cut on the version shown on the Adult Channel.

Indoors in a different outfit she slowly teases and lightly masturbates, showing pink in front of a mirror. She comments that they could show this stuff before the watershed on Channel 4. She then inserts a candle.

In the next sequence she is dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, blindfolded and tied to a chair. She is lightly fondled and explored by the hand of the cameraman, but not penetrated. Then untied and with blindfold removed she sits on the floor and uses a wine bottle as a dildo.

This is the export version of Innocent Openings 7, but even so would easily pass the new R18 guidelines. It sometimes seems that some of the girls in Tamara videos would be willing to be more daring than the makers. Still, this is a good solo video which emphasises chat and tease more than the hard stuff.

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