< Sex & Fun Mit Harry: Lust Und Herz Zugleich DVD available

Director: Harry S. Morgan
Alternate Titles
  • Sex and Fun with Harry: In Love with Lust and Pain
Notes and Reviews
  • Danny (Dutch blonde dressed as schoolgirl complete with hockey stick, uses dildo on top deck of bus) [Danielle Mannaken]
  • Ashley (tall, cropped blonde hair, dressed as WPC, anal)
  • Elizabeth (brunette, traffic warden uniform, MF scene)
  • Christelle (brunette in combat fatigues, looks like the girl shaved by Rocco in Rocco's Private Fantasies 2, anal, facial)
  • Anja (dressed as nun, MF scene)
  • Charlotte (plump redhead claiming to be a librarian, interviewed on top deck of bus, move to flat for MF scene)
  • Rose (unlisted, dressed as nurse, anal)
  • Sasha (girl guide, Baljit of Ben Dover's British Babe Hunt, states she is originally from the Punjab, a Sikh?)

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