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Notes and Reviews
  • Michelle Wright is picked up at a bus stop and enticed behind a building - blowjobs, full sex, anal and facial for Vinnie Curran (Phil) and Mike. Bloke walks past when they are finished and says he has seen what they were up to and shouts encouragement
  • Familiar-looking Dawn, straight, short dark blonde hair (tattoo upper inner left breast and top of right buttock) is given a lift from the supermarket, groping and blowjob in back of car, sex by the car on a quiet road near a busy roundabout and on the bonnet out in the country. With both men
  • A slim brunette with a very posh voice is discovered walking in the woods, having been photographed by someone else. She seduces them if anything. Full sex, oral and facial with both
  • Failed pick up shown in an attempt to make us think the others were not pre-arranged
  • Marina Curran out in the country asks for help with her car which has broken down - oral, full sex and facials for both men and anal for Vinnie
  • Another failed pick up
  • Brunette apparently hired (implied she is a hooker) at first reluctant to perform on camera, but is persuaded - blowjob in the street then sex on a piece of waste ground, bloke walks past

End credits name Miss No Name (Michelle Wright who won't give them her name), Dawn, Albany and Angie.

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