< Sex, Lies & Audiotape: Cumming to Ibiza 2

Released: 1995
Director: Lindsay Honey as Steve Perry
Notes: Helen Duval Enterprises, also stars Helen Duval (egafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Cumming to Ibiza 2
Notes and Reviews

Cast credits female - Helen Duval, Sabrina Johnson, Zoe Lipardus, Tanya Hyde, Georgie Blake; male - Sean Michaels, Santino Lee, Gerry Pike, Marino Pininfarina, Mark Saints (Tim Ferris?).

  • Tamsin le Vann, Georgette Neal and Jasmine appear. Two of these could be Zoe Lipardus and Georgie Blake, leaving one British female unaccounted for in credits. Zoe of BD English Porno Groupies is definitely not present
  • Georgette Neal (anal) and coffee-skinned female (Jasmine) and Sean Michaels
  • Sabrina Johnson in sex scene where she begins with Santino Lee, continues with him and Sean Michaels and ends with Sean Michaels alone, facial
  • Helen Duval and the two black 'princes', DP
  • Orgy - Sabrina Johnson, Tamsin le Vann, Michelle Wright, Helen Duval and Tanya Hyde (Jody Healy) plus 5 men. Sabrina takes a DP. Males - Sean Michaels, Santino Lee, Gerry Pike, Marino, Mark Saints (Tim Ferris?)

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