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Released: 1986
Notes: VCA
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aka S.A.S. (Sexually Altered States)

A very good sex comedy about an advertising executive, Gordy, who is addicted to one-night stands. Gordy is played by Mike Horner giving a sparkling performance, as does Nina Hartley. The rest of the cast give good acting support too.

The film opens with Gordy in bed with Danielle (playing the part of Bev) and trying to persuade her to have sex again, though she is tired. She consoles him by saying 'I still love you' then 'What do I mean I still love you? We only met last night'. Eventually they do get down to it and meanwhile back at the office, colleague and friend Robert Bullock and his female assistant are wondering where Gordy is as he is supposed to be making an important presentation. They phone up the girl they thought he was engaged to and we see Siobhan Hunter answer the phone while in the bath. She tells them no, he is not there, rips off his ring and then we see Bullock and colleague listening to the sound of the toilet flushing. Exit Siobhan from the film.

Robert Bullock goes to Gordy's apartment in a taxi. All this is intercut with the sex scene with Danielle which proceeds to a climax over her belly.

Later we see Robert Bullock and his wife Nina Hartley working out and discussing Gordy's sex addiction. This discussion proceeds to sex with Nina giving Bullock a blowjob while he is upside down on some piece of apparatus. They move to a bed and fuck, briefly.

Then we see Gordy leaving his apartment with a girl as Paula Meadows arrives in the lift. We follow Paula into the loft apartment she shares with her students - she is apparently an art teacher. She finds her two female flat-mates in the tub with a male artist's model. One of the girls is Lili Marlene. She declines the invitation to join in and the sex continues to a shared facial.

Bullock discusses Gordy with a scientific colleague and they decide to drug him to reduce his sex drive. Meanwhile he has picked up a female cab driver (Suzanna, played by Sharon Kane). Before they can get hold of the drug, Bullock and Hartley decide to interrupt his sex life by pretending they have had a fire and arriving to stay with him. But he takes his latest girl - whom Hartley assumes is Bev only to be corrected - to a hotel. They are conducted to the room by a roller skating maid (Taija Rae). Gordy has sex with his cab driver on the bed.

Nina wakes up next morning and finds Gordy kissing a girl in the kitchen of his apartment - this is the roller-skating maid. They finally manage to slip Gordy the bromide that evening and lock him up, but he escapes and meets Paula Meadows again. She invites him in to her apartment and he is amazed to find himself spending an evening with an attractive woman just sitting and talking.

In the meantime, Paul Thomas and Sharon Mitchell, jilted girlfriend of Gordy, arrive at Gordy's apartment. Bullock answers the door and gets punched in the face. They demand to know where Gordy is and a hostage-type situation develops. This soon turns into a partner-swapping-type situation, however.

Next day Gordy's work is now affected by the drug, but the client has sex in the office with Taija Rae, for whom Gordy has found a job, and another female. In the evening Paula Meadows invites him to a party and he refuses. But his colleagues have decided to give him the antidote and they sneak in and do so. He wakes up in the middle of the night, sneaks into Paula's bedroom with two glasses of champagne, and they have sex - no cumshot.

I dare say there are some convolutions of the plot I've missed, but this is a fun film with plenty of sex and some funny lines. Beats Confessions of a Window Cleaner anyway.

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