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Notes: Studio 7
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A compilation film with intro and links by Teresa May and Ashley Bond (as Madforit and Mingetastic). These two pose and pout sexily but read their lines off cue cards badly. Larger print and or more rehearsal would have helped. There seems to be a heavy reliance on Hard Core Cafe films and it is possible that there is overlap with the Celebrity shags series. Scenes shown on the cover illustrated in the catalogue do not necessarily correspond to those included in the film.

  • From a Sarah Young movie (unidentified) with Sarah, Nick East and an unidentified female.
  • Rachel Stevens performing solo with a vibrator.
  • From a Phil McCavity film with blonde Suzy (same girl as in Swinging London) in a boy/girl scene, facial included.
  • A Misty McCaine boy/girl scene. Her hair is blonder than usual, she has had her boob job and she takes a facial, of course.
  • Stacey Owen in a clip from Riding School Spankers, plenty of tit and bum and mild hand spanking, but no hardcore.
  • Louise Armani in a Lisa James film, picks up a girl (blonde, Anna, unlisted) in Manchester, lesbian scene. Followed by the opening ambulance sequence from Sperma Klinik.
  • Georgette Neale in the shower with Bob (from Manor House Orgy, water sports excluded). Includes the only anal in the compilation and a facial. She looks slimmer than in Ben Dover volume 11.
  • Lana Cox in what appears to be a Private film captioned Blonde K.G.B., but the plot of the scene involves her, as the daughter of the house, stripping at the window while being watched by an older male neighbour. They blackmail each other into a sex scene including a facial, she threatening to tell his wife that he watched her and he to tell her parents about her strip show.
  • Charmaine Sinclair in the boy/girl scene featured in Hard Cut 2 in which she and the man in the tartan shirt are joined by Deborah Wells.
  • Omar and two other men (one with a very posh voice) in a gangbang scene with an unidentified blonde who looks like a combination of Laura Singer and Leonora St John. She has what seems to be middle-class English accent from the small amount of talking she does.
  • Kirsten Halborg and Haley Russell with three men, two black guys and a white guy dressed in a suit and sunglasses (from Faust Fucker - Happy Hands).
  • A boy/girl clip from a Vinny Curran film with a redhead called Karen in the kitchen of a council house in Bradford.
  • A lesbian sequence from a Captain Cock film between Gilly Sampson and Samantha-Jane.
  • Lorraine Ansell (as Jane Sin Clair) in a scene from Lollipops and Sweet Chicks 5: Harry in England with a man on the counter of a motor parts shop.
  • Vanessa with a man in a garage from the same film, major facial.
  • Lisa Stretton from the same film, major facial.
  • Tamsin le Vann with a man on a bed with yellow bedspread.
  • Nicky Platts and Tracy (aka Joanne, Roxy-Jo) and man.
  • Nici Sterling and husband (Wilde Oscar)
  • Vida Garman and Samantha-Jane, brief and tame lesbian scene, perhaps from A Date with Samantha-Jane.
  • and finally the beginning of a lesbian scene between the two presenters as a tease for a future Studio 7 production. It is also implied that this compilation is the first of a series.

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