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Released: 1996
Director: Steve Perry aka Ben Dover
Notes: VCA
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Running time: 95 mins.

With a cast list which reads like a who's who from 1990's American films, Nici Sterling stars alongside Jenna Jameson, Marylin Star, Felicia and a whole host more in this plot based film, directed by Steve (Ben Dover) Perry. There's a saying, 'Some people have a nose for it' and in Jon Dough's case it's sex. No matter where he goes, his nostrils lead him to bonking twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. Convinced he needs help, he visits an eminent doctor (Julie Ashton) who has almost as many problems as Jon.

Out in the countryside. his nose starts to twitch. Through the hedge, Nici Sterling is dressed up in her riding gear. She gets husband Wilde Oscar to help take off her boots. He doesn't stop there, removing her jodhpurs and flame orange knickers as well. Nici spreads out on a blanket as Wilde licks and stuffs her panties into her pussy. She reaches for his dick and sucks. The couple kiss and taste Nici's knickers. Still up for exercise, Nici wants to go riding again. There's no horse in sight, so she mounts Wilde's cock. He slips three fingers into Nici's fanny as the two 69. Her juices flow over his hand. Jon Dough watches as Nici eases some man-meat into her arse and starts to bounce. She turns to jerk Wilde into her mouth. Spunk trickling over her fingers, Nici licks them clean.

What happens to Jon in the story? ... who cares! But he ends with Jenna Jameson.

With eight girls in eight scenes packed into 90 minutes, the action comes quick and fast. As for the plot ... forget it! It just gets in the way. With so many great stars, the film could have been twice as long, but alas it's not. It's still a great film to watch though.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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