< Sodomania 8: The London Sessions

Released: 1994
Notes and Reviews

Elegant Angel

  • Joey Silvera, from his London hotel room, hires an escort to 'mother' him. Danyel Cheeks arrives and bathes him, gets in the bath with him leading to sex
  • Steve Thorpe meets his American cousin Roscoe Rowltree (Patrick Collins ?) and takes him to the brothel where Danyel Cheeks and Janey Lamb put on a lesbian show before the men join in, swapping partners. Danyel takes two facials, one from Steve while lying in the 69 position as he fucks Janey doggy style
  • Gilly Sampson (as Stephanie Hart-Rogers) performs a solo scene for a client whose fetish is to watch from hiding, fondling herself while dressing and using a vibrator
  • Gina Wildes (Britannia) is having her hair done by Danyel Cheeks who begins to massage her neck while she (Gina) explains that she is having trouble with her boyfriend. Alberto Rey takes over the massage and this leads to a full sex scene in the chair to anal and facial. But is it all a dream?
  • Domino, Danyel Cheeks, Dale Davis (Dawn Davies?) and Gina Wildes all in clown make-up, supposedly mannequins who come to life and have a four-way lesbian scene featuring strap-ons
    (jj suggests that Domino is Maria Glasgow)
  • Roxanne Hall is in the park and is followed by Steve Thorpe. She has deliberately dropped something and she knowingly allows him to follow her back to her hotel room. Before she arrives she undresses and shaves her pubes. He comes up behind her as she sits in front of a mirror. Sex scene follows

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