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Released: 1994
Director: Brett England
Notes: H & S Sales
Alternate Titles
  • Eine Bumsfidele Firma
Notes and Reviews

Set in a photographic studio with offices attached.

  • Cathy Patrick is doing a glamour shoot. This turns into an m/f scene with the photographer who cums over her tits
  • Zoryna Dreams spies on them and plays with herself (intercut)
  • She is observed by a man in the adjoining glass-windowed office who joins her and a sex scene begins which is intercut with:
  • a lesbian scene between Lynn LeMay and Lisa Phillips who happen to walk past the man and woman of 3 and get turned on
  • After her sex session in 3, Zoryna Dreams watches the les display alongside a male workman. They have sex. This is intercut with:
  • the les scene which is interrupted by another male who takes Lynn LeMay away to have sex with him on a sofa
  • Watching all this on monitors, Lisa Phillips fetches a man for herself and has sex with him

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