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Released: 1999
Director: Tanya Hansen
Notes: Babes Video, A Tanya Hansen Production. Donna Maria aka Donna Richardson credited but not present.
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 115 mins.

A Tanya Hanson film, featuring Kelly Hearne, Carissa Brown and Sahra Ellmore.

Carissa Brown is in one MFF scene and Kelly and Sahra are in one lesbian and one orgy(ish) scene.

eZalo's Notes:


  1. bg with Tanya and a courier.
  2. lez scene with Kelly Hearne, Tanya Hansen and Sahra Ellmore.
  3. bgg scene with Carissa Brown and (probably) Chloe Monroe.
  4. bg scene with Tanya Hansen.
  5. couples scene with Kelly Hearne and Sahra Ellmore. Tanya Hansen masturbates.

End credits: Tanya Hansen, Kelly Hearn, Sarha Ellmore (typo), Sarah Love, Donna Maria, Russell Webster, Marco Borgia, Billy Bright.

Notes: Donna Maria (aka Donna Richardson) credited but not present. Chloe Monroe participated in other of Tanya's productions like Horny Bitches II and Licensed to Thrill and is probably the girl in scene 3.

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