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Released: 2002
Notes: Pumpkin Films / Union Jaxxx
Notes and Reviews

Pumpkin Films R18

Cathy Barry is sunbathing in the garden and day dreaming. In her dream a group of her friends arrive for an alcoholic picnic - Michelle Thorne (before her breasts were augmented for the worse) and Pete, Laura Jones, Joanne Small and Long John.

As the wine flows, clothes and inhibitions are gradually shed and couples begin to get frisky. Initial pairings are Michelle and Pete (and so it remains), Joanne and Long John (using a condom) and Cathy and Laura (Cathy wears a strap-on).

The camera moves from one couple to another as things get hotter. After they have finished with each other Cathy and Laura move to caress Joanne and Long John while they are going at it with each other and then Laura takes Joanne's place. Meanwhile Michelle and Pete have moved to a climax - facial. Laura does not quite take a facial, Long John's cumshot spraying over her upper chest. Cathy moves to lick Michelle while she squeezes a second cumshot out of Pete.

A good one-scene video which would have been better if we had seen more, and that more clearly, of Laura and Joanne in b/g action. Michelle looks great and her action is good as usual, but the looks and the novelty value of the other two blondes in this type of scene should have been exploited more fully.

And a review of the same video by Funky Spingers:

This is really just one long extended scene with the cast involved in various combinations. It starts with Cathy Barry on her own on a sun lounger, then the rest of the cast appears. After some banter, a serious attack of kit-offery ensues and the cast get down to the action. Pete and Michelle (pre hooter enhancements!) go at it with their usual enthusiasm whilst Joanne and "Long John" get together and Cathy and Laura indulge in some hot lesbo action. Pete and Michelle spend the whole film (some 50-odd minutes) together climaxing in a facial for Michelle. Michelle gets a bit of a rimming at one point, but there is no actual anal. Meanwhile, Joanne and "Long John" (excuse the quotation marks, I just can't get over how unoriginal that name is) are practising safe sex, although I don't think he actually puts the condom on until they go for anal which, if memory serves, fails.

Talking of safe sex Cathy and Laura also practise it!!! Yes, after some decent licking, sucking and fingering, Cathy straps on a dildo complete with condom, and gives Laura a bit of a seeing to.

There is then a change of partners, with Joanne pairing of with Cathy, although that very much takes a back seat whilst most of the camera work concentrates on Michelle and Pete or Laura and "Long John".

The action between Laura and "Long John" ends with Laura taking a big load all over her tits. There is more going on for another 10 minutes or so after this, but frankly I'd lost interest.

As mentioned before, Michelle only performs with Pete, also Cathy doesn't go near the blokes and Laura doesn't blow her guy :-(. Joanne is the only one who gets it in all 3 holes (well nearly).

5 out of 10 (Must try harder)

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