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Released: 1999
Notes and Reviews

The first three scenes feature Central European girls. iafd says Michelle was born in England, but she is not a Brit, though unlike the others she does speak English.

The last scene features Sabrina Johnson and is an example of what non-gonzo porn should be like. It is a short story about a gang bang. Unlike the other scenes where they just get down to it, in this one there is an attempt to show how the gang bang comes about from an ordinary situation. Thus there is a build up of erotic tension as well as enthusiastic sex (what other form of sex would you expect from Sabrina). Sabrina drives into a garage and explains to the mechanic (Herschel Savage) that there is something wrong with the car. He says he will take a look and meanwhile, since it's cold outside, she should go inside and take a seat. On the way into the waiting room she passes three men (one is Lexington Steele) hanging around by the office. Some time is spent showing her looking bored in the waiting room, then one by one the men come in and sit around her. Looking apprehensive at first, she gradually gets turned on and slowly opens her legs. The sex builds up from there as the men sitting alongside her put their hands on her thighs and so on. It includes anal (of course - it is a Sodomania video and it is Sabrina), reverse cowgirl DP and four facials, the last straight into her open mouth. And of course she plays with the cum and blows bubbles with it, though this time we do not see her swallow. Finally, her car's loose wire fixed, she walks past the men again, says thank you and drives away into the night. Was it a dream? Did she invent the car problem in order to get gang banged? These questions are left in the air.

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