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Released: 1975
Director: Lasse Braun credited under his real name Alberto Ferro
Notes: 1hr 20 ½ mins.
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Directed by Lasse Braun

Brigitte Maier as Margaret, Veronique Monet as Veronique, Frédérique Barral as Liza, Trixie Heinen as Trixie, Shirley Cox (Dawn Cumming) as Julie, Nicole Velna (Nicole Natte) as Brenda, Eva Quang as Eva, Nathalie Morin as Roberta, Tuppy Owens as Lady Pamela Weatherby, Tania Bussel as Tania Soarez

Margaret, an American tourist, boards a channel ferry at Dover to go to Amsterdam and gets talking to Veronique (French) and a Hungarian violinist (Lazlo). Lazlo talks pretentiously about music and sex, treating his violin like a woman or vice versa, I can't remember. They discuss free love and a third girl, Liza, who has an English accent but is meant to be Dutch (and thus may be overdubbed), overhears and agrees.

She invites them to her mansion outside Amsterdam. There she leaves the three looking at pornographic art books while she goes to the bathroom. While washing her pussy on the bidet, an old retainer, Arthur, who has a hook instead of a left hand, enters with a rose in his mouth and lays it at her feet. She leaves him frustrated, however, and returns to find Lazlo examining her record collection. She insists on playing her own music through her jukebox, to which she seduces him. She gets him to cut holes in her dress and eventually cut it away and then do the same to her undies (don't ask me to make sense of this). He then ties her to the couch/table and goes down on her, gets a blowjob and fucks her in front of the other two girls.

Margaret goes off in embarrassment to phone her boyfriend and then watches the sex through the window. Veronique wanders off upstairs and allows/asks Arthur to touch her pussy with his hook and then returns to carry on watching the sex.

We then see Margaret and Veronique walking in Amsterdam. They split up after discussing the party to which they have been invited and Veronique goes to a dress shop. She meets the man and woman (Trixie, tall, thin, curly-haired brunette) who run it and Trixie asks her if she's seen anything she likes. She says 'Yes. This hat, and you.' They go into a fitting room to try on clothes and there is a lesbian scene. Trixie's partner, Julio, helps a sexy blonde (Julie - Dawn Cumming, credited as Shirley Cox) to try on some shoes and she gives him a view up her skirt. He invites her to the cocktail party previously mentioned.

The lesbian scene is intercut with the progress of Margaret who goes to see her photographer boyfriend, David. He is taking pictures of two exotic female models Brandy (Nicole Natte) and Eva (Quang). The photo session turns into a lesbian sex show and Margaret makes an effort to overcome her inhibitions by giving David a blow job (deep throat). But David moves to join in with the two models and Margaret watches. Eva is fucked anally in the doggy position and gets a facial.

Margaret arrives at the party to find Veronique chatting with Trixie. We see a female guest (must be Roberta - Nathalie Morin), having her excellent bosom splashed with champagne and licked and fondled by two male guests.

White-haired Lord Weatherby is discussing a work of art, which includes a pair of pink panties, with the gallery owner's assistant (Paco). Veronique is standing nearby and he asks her if she wears panties. She shows him that she is by lifting her skirt and she allows him to pull them down and sniff them appreciatively.

Lord Weatherby goes upstairs where his wife, Lady Pamela (Tuppy Owens) is teasing Alonzo Soarez, the owner of the gallery. She is wearing full riding gear. Lord Weatherby encourages her to put on a show for Alonzo. She strips and uses the riding crop as a dildo (including anal). Veronique arrives and sits between Lord Weatherby and Alonzo. She goads Alonzo to join Lady Pamela and he does and goes down on her. Veronique then gets Lord Weatherby to go down on her. Alonzo's daughter Tania comes in and watches her father and Lady Pamela on a closed circuit TV while masturbating. She takes off her panties and stuffs them into her pussy. Lord Weatherby says to Veronique that he has always wanted to fuck Tania and Veronique says why doesn't he do so now. So he goes over and pulls out her panties and gets down to it.

Tania's vertically challenged boyfriend complains to Margaret (who has also arrived upstairs) that Tania won't look at him because he's too short, but Tania looks up from under Lord Weatherby and tells him she'll join him in a moment. Meanwhile Julie is stripped by Julio and they go into a 69 and he puts his finger up her arse. Veronique is on the couch watching Tania and Lord Weatherby and is joined there by a black man. Tania gets up and goes into an alcove with her boyfriend, getting him to sit down so she can sit on his face. (In the uncut version, described in a French account in the Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm, she pisses on his face.)

Veronique and Trixie persuade Margaret to join in the fun. She draws her away with the man she has been chatting to and undresses her. Margaret lies down and the man (Paco) begins to fuck her. Meanwhile Trixie is engaged with another man (Patrick) who goes down on her. The old perv and Alfonso spot Margaret's threesome and join in, as does Trixie's fella, and soon there is a full-on group grope going on in a mass of tangled bodies. Tania takes off her yellow dress and joins in, etc., etc. After a Busby Berkeley like revolving arrangment of naked bodies, credits roll.

This is what Emmannuelle should have been like! Ridiculous story of course, but erotica is about fantasy not reality. There are some great looking women in well-directed action. Even Tuppy Owens looked much better than in the pictures of her I've seen previously.

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