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Notes and Reviews
  • Steve Thorpe and his "wife" - Debbie Carr visits Wilde Oscar to audition for a job - sex scenes with both separately then together.
  • Swingers party with four couples. Of the females two are blonde (including Kay Tease) and two are brunette. One of the brunettes, or possibly another brunette, has separate scene with one of the men after the orgy.
  • Nici Sterling and Wilde Oscar.
  • Gilly Sampson solo then with Nici Sterling and Wilde Oscar.

Closing credits list: Deborah Carr, Steve Parrish [Steve Thorpe?], Chris Miller [Wilde Oscar?], Graham Parker, Carol John, Kirsty Brown, Louise Sutton, Leslie West, Lisa Jameson, Nicky Scarfield [Nici Sterling?], Jill Thompson [Gilly Sampson].

jj adds some notes:

Notable especially for being Debbie Carr's only anal scene, afaik, and a rare British-made appearance for Nici Sterling.

Cast: Starring: Deborah Carr, Co-starring: Carol Johns, Kirsty Brown, Louise Sutton, Featuring: Lisa Jameson, Nicky Scarfield, Jill Thompson.

I'd guess that Lois might be 'Louise Sutton', Nici Sterling 'Nicky Scarfield' and Gilly Sampson to be 'Jill Thompson', solely on onomastic instinct.

  • Debbie Carr, Steve Thorpe - while arranging to meet Oscar for a 'modelling' assignment, fuck, anal. 'Fook me arrsee', she says to Our Hero. Great stuff.
  • Debbie Carr, Wilde Oscar - 'modelling' session turns to sex - fuck. Steve Thorpe then walks in (eeeh, I remember t'days when tha could leave tha back door open...), feigns outrage for about 3.2 seconds, then makes it a threesome.
  • Weirdly, a cut to a swingers 'advert' beginning round the dinner table, with, intercut: K.T. (BJ only, v fetching in a red latex body). Previously unidentified statuesque brunette (definitely British, southern accent - also appears as Lois, F Cooper V868/873, 'bouncing Tigger' tattoo on left buttock), fucks two guys consecutively, then fucks one of them again. U/K orangey-blonde - BJ and fuck. U/K older brunette, fuck and BJ.
  • Nici Sterling (camisole) and Wilde Oscar, kitchen fuck.
  • Gilly Sampson (bald), solo with vibe on bed, joined by Nici and Oscar, both fucked.

Nice lingerie, the principals look very good, nice clear pic-quality on my YC copy (cat. no 1532, still available at Jan 04).

Overall a good effort. I suspect the hands of Remington Steele and/or Phil McC. Don't know what happened to Vol. 2 though...

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