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Released: 1977 or earlier
Notes: loop, Mistral, 9½ mins., hard-ish. Included on The Connoisseurs' Collection Edition One, Best Of Blue Movies 5.
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Mistral Films Super 8 film number MF11 (1977)

This Super 8 film which is 9 minutes 40 seconds long does not have an audio track. It starts with Bobbie (Jennifer Eccles, who was named by Danskfoto as Joanna when they released it on a video compilation many years ago) arrives home and immediately has a shower. As she sponges herself we see many close-up shots including parted lips.

While she is showering the intercom rings, it is her masseuse (Lesley Cooper). Notice the number on the apartment door is 69!!

While the masseuse prepares, Bobbie finishes her shower, following which we see the masseuse in action on a naked Bobbie - much concentration on her breasts and legs.

While this is happening Bobbie's young friend/flatmate (NK0260) arrives and lets herself in. On seeing what is in progress she joins in and immediately focuses in on 'massaging' Bobbie's pussy. This soon develops into many single finger insert shots with Bobbie writhing around in supposed ecstasy but the camera retaining its focus on the 'job in hand', or maybe finger!

Oops, something has spilt on the masseuses uniform. They had better shower it off. All three girls proceed into the shower and during the shower sequence there are some longish shots of Bobbie's young friend undertaking finger work on the masseuse.

Following this they all dry off. Bobbie and the masseuse exchange knowing glances and then push Bobbie's young friend down and proceed to do the same to her as she had done to them. Once again there are close-up shots of Bobbie's friend being finger penetrated.

Following this the film ends. Not a bad film with the best action being Bobbie's young friend on Bobbie.

Review by John.

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