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Notes and Reviews

(Review copy courtesy of Strand, directed by Remington Steel)

An hour long tape with excellent picture quality and the usual professional camera work we expect from Remington Steel. We get a clear view of everything we would like to see.

  • Anna Mendelson, a pretty, plump-ish blonde, sits on a sofa in her red-topped wedding dress and describes how she eyed up the best man at her wedding as she walked down the aisle and how she ended up being fucked by him while still wearing her wedding dress. Cut to the best man himself (Chris Knight) sitting on the sofa next to her. With minimal seduction the scene proceeds to blowjob and sex in various positions, ending in an excellent facial right on her tongue. A good scene which would have been more erotic if, say, some of the wedding reception and come-on glances had been shown before proceeding to the sex. An erotic idea needs a bit more realism to gain maximum impact, though I understand the practical constraints on achieving this. I express a preference here not a criticism.
  • Busty brunette Maxine Grant (in a scene first released in Newcomers Showcase 4) is seen in the kitchen and then on the bed with her husband Marino. He shows her an advert in a magazine for couples willing to take part in a sexy documentary. She is not keen on this but is keen on having sex there and then. Blowjob proceeds to full sex in the usual variety of positions ending in a cumshot over tits and chin.
  • In a welcome departure from the busty theme, giggly Beverly Would (mysteriously identified as Beverley Bishop) steals the show in my opinion. She is seen posing revealingly for photographer Karl Gent and discussing her ambition to be a porn star with Remington (off camera). Eventually she asks why they don't have a guy for her. But they do! Enter Mark who begins by going down on her and then the blow job, full sex sequence follows, but is extended to anal (doggy and reverse cowgirl) ending in a magnificent facial. If we used the angle-of-dangle rating system once used by a men's mag whose title I've forgotten, this would be awarded a near vertical.

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