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Notes and Reviews

This mainly features a brunette called Chloe who never says a word and could be of any nationality. I've never seen her before. Jamila Davis is also present for a while giving a blowjob. Chloe is blindfolded for a while and takes on two men.

This is edited too much and rather disjointedly. Very basic stuff though the picture quality is good. It could do with some narrative - why is Chloe being blindfolded? If a few minutes were taken to set up a situation then it would be sexier. Even some of the people who send in stuff to Your Choice for Viewers Wives do this sometimes.

The box says 1 hour. Actually it's 48 minutes before the blue screen appears and that includes at least 5 minutes of previews, some at the start and some at the end, though these feature some interesting girls.

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