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Released: 2001
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Heatwave
Alternate Titles
  • Gone In 69 Seconds
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 82 mins.

Though the cast list for the film is quite extensive and includes girls such as Flick Shagwell and Briana Banks, by the time they get their hooded rubber costumes on, it could be anyone beneath the latex masks. To add to the confusion, the film is without a full cast list.

The film is based around Johnny Thrust, a kinky car thief who has a hoard of latex-clad sex slaves scouring the streets of Los Angeles for high powered cars to steal. When they return, Rafe satisfies the girls and his own sexual needs. Powerless to stop the organisation, the police turn to busty blonde Brianna Banks to infiltrate the group.

Following a few car thefts and rubber clad banging, Flick appears, dressed in a pale blue latex suit and face mask, holes strategically placed for the nipples and pussy. She is joined by a pink-clad Bridgette Kerkove and Dru Berrymore dressed in shiny purple. Johnny arrives dressed in what looks like a badly fitting purple condom stretched over his lumps and bumps. The girls crouch to suck at his cock and balls. Flick moves to rub her fanny over his face. He tongues at her pussy as Bridgette slips his dick into her pussy. The girls move round, squeezing each other's boobs as they ride. Lined up, the three bend forward and Johnny works his way up the line, shagging each girl's pussy in turn. On his way back he bangs their bums. Then they crouch for his cum.

This is a film which concentrates on the shiny outfits rather then the sex and, if it wasn't for the behind the scenes extras where you see the girl squeaking into whichever coloured costume, it would be hard to work out who was in each scene. Marrieanne Young watchers may also feel short changed as, dressed in a white rubber nurses uniform, her appearance with Sabrina Jade is fleeting. In a more light-hearted vein, Johnny looks slightly comical in his purple rubber suit and his get up would be more at home in a 60's B sci-fi film than an adult movie. Finally, don't expect to see the cops win ... this is the first of a two part film with more shiny rubber in Fast and Furious ... and hopefully Marrieanne?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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