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Notes: Amateur Video Club/Jason Reece
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(Jason Reece, available from vidshop, amateur section)

Shawna is Rebekah Jordan - her first film. Michelle, of the second half, is Jane [8] though she is called Michelle at the very start of the film which is missing from the other tapes where it has been re-packaged, e.g. Select British Amateurs 6, under which title the scene is briefly described, and (probably) Jane's World.

Simon and Storme are driving along a country road in their sports car and Simon has a spurtonline T-shirt on his lap. They pass a great-looking young blonde - Rebekah, though she calls herself Shawna, out for a walk in the woods. They chat her up and persuade her to accept a promotional T-shirt. Then they follow her into the woods - and she doesn't object. They tell her they are looking for the Cockwell Inn at Suckem Close and after this subtle innuendo she undoes Storme's trousers and gives him a bj, followed by one for Simon who has to undo his own trousers. They finger her pussy as she lies back on a towel spread over a convenient large metal box and Simon goes down on her while Storme gets a bj. Simon then fucks her but doesn't last long and cums over her belly. Storme takes over, goes down on her and fucks her in the missionary position and then doggy style while Simon is revived with another bj. After a few other changes of position, Storme cums over her belly, but Rebekah is not satisfied and they all go at it again standing up. Then she lies down for Storme to shoot a second cumshot over her body and Simon kneels in preparation to shoot over her tits. But there is a slight delay as Storme points out that they have been watched for a while by a naked peeping tom about 40 yard away in the bushes (genuine). Simon then delivers his load and they use the promo T-shirt to wipe up the mess.

Apart from a brief spell where everyone was lined up with the sun and the cameraman cast his shadow over Rebekah receiving some reverse cowgirl attention, this was an excellent and well-shot scene. A very promising debut - a promise which she is certainly fulfilling.

The Rebekah Jordan scene is included in the DVD British Amateurs - British Beginners, Shana, Storm and Simon.

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