< Service Animals 4 DVD available

Released: 2001
Director: Joey Silvera
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Anal Service 4 R18 DVD available
  • Joey Silvera's Service Animals 4
Notes and Reviews

DVD Evil Angel

Hannah Harper stars in the first scene and looks fantastic. This is a good scene, but has some drawbacks. It is a typically quirky Joey Silvera scene but the scenario doesn't quite work - no, correction, it doesn't work at all in any logical sense; the second stud is a personality-free zone with an erection, and forcible deep throat and gagging sounds feature strongly, a fashion definitely more honoured in the breach, though Hannah doesn't seem to mind.

She is sitting on an easy chair in a loose shirt and tiny plaid skirt, reading a book, supposedly doing her homework. She reads aloud very well. Marc Davis is something like a tutor in this naughty girl game who is annoyed she hasn't done enough work and sends her to stand in a small kitchen. However, he succumbs to how gorgeous she looks and soon joins her for a grope and a bit of spanking plus a blowjob with the first bit of forcible deep throat. Then he sends her back into the main room to give his friend a blowjob. While she does this he prepares her behind with his fingers and gets three up there. Alternate blowjobs and doggy anal follow, then missionary anal, A2M, more forcible deep throat and two near simultaneous facials.

There is a lot of eye contact and interaction between Hannah and Mark and Hannah and Joey behind the camera which is one of the big plus points of the scene. At the end, with a wicked grin, she asks Joey if he is jealous because he didn't have her.

Very enjoyable, but why do American porn producers all have to follow the latest misogynistic trend like a herd of male chauvinist sheep?

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