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Released: 2002
Notes: Sin City
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DVD has extras including a tour of London with Sascha and Mischa, or Sasha and Lena as they call themselves here.

Karl Kincaid is a scientist trying to create a robot or android of a perfect female (in sexual terms). The film opens with him taking notes while Bailey (Steve Hooper) tries out his latest creation (Ashley - Ashley Long). Ashley is kissed, groped, has her pussy licked, gives Bailey a blowjob and is then fucked in the missionary position followed by doggy while giving Karl a blowjob. Then she rides Karl reverse cowgirl while giving Bailey a blowjob. Doggy anal from Karl follows and then a cowgirl DP and facials. (Some British cameramen should take note of how this DP was shot - medium distance, clear view of penetration, body and face). True to her role Ashley remains silent throughout, though the scenario does enable them to retail an ancient joke when Karl asks Bailey to give her marks out of ten and gets the reply 'Marks out of ten ... I'd give her one.'

Perhaps this is why Karl is not satisfied with his creation and we see him examining several other prototypes. Eventually he gives up and goes to the pub where he finds one of the twins behind the bar talking to a male customer. He discusses his problem and asks the male customer to tell him his fantasies. He tells of an experience with Jane.

Jane is Laura Michaels (and the bloke is her usual bloke). She looks as cute as ever in red with red fishnet stockings and shiny black thigh boots. They have straight sex on a bed in a small room in various positions to a cumshot over her body.

Back in the pub, Karl asks the bloke what would have made this experience better and he replies 'Two of them.' 'That's it!' cries Dr. Karl and rushes back to the lab to create twins, evidently using the barmaid as a model. First in to work next day, his assistant creeps into the lab to see what his boss has been up to and discovers the twins. A threesome follows ending in a cumshot over the bum of one of them, but this seems to cause her to malfunction, at which point Karl finds out what has been going on.

Back in the pub, Karl is in despair and is told he is missing the point by Melissa Walker in a brief non-sex role. Cut to Angel-Long having a picnic with a bloke on the grass in front of a park bench. This turns into a sex scene of course - including anal and facial.

In the lab Karl is examining his remaining robot when the barmaid comes to investigate (wearing tight black shiny trousers) - the set is now complete again and another threesome follows including doggy anal for one of them.

The screenplay (by Roger T. Pipe) provides a good excuse for sex and for the involvement of twins, at least in a ridiculous comedy sort of way. The most vigorous scene is the first. An enjoyable watch, and the twins have learned more English than when we saw them last, cavorting in the back of a cab for One-Eyed Jack.

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