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A Tanya Hansen film with little plot. It just features a load of people in a holiday villa and having sex.

  • Tanya Hansen and Donna Richardson g/g.
  • Donna in the shower.
  • Tanya and Donna g/g and foursome on a boat with two men.
  • Donna, Katy, Chloe Monroe and Tanya are driven to a nightclub by Steve Thorpe. Donna returns to the villa with Steve and the other girls meet the two men from the boat. They go back to the villa too and a fivesome and a twosome eventually become a sevensome.
  • Next morning Katy and Chloe peep on Carissa Brown having sex with Karl in the bushes in the garden. Steve comes out and sneaks up behind Katy and Chloe and has sex with them.

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