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Released: 2002
Director: Red Ezra
Notes: Digital Sin
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Running time: 87 mins.

Angel-Long appears alongside some of the US's biggest stars, Chloe Jones, Felicia and Sunrise Adams, in this stylishly shot film which has all the hallmarks of a big budget production. With a story, dialogue and real acting Sweet Water is one of the best plot-based films in a long time.

When a treasure hunter finds a skeleton in a deserted desert town the police are called to investigate. The local sergeant calls on psychic Chloe Jones to help solve the mystery and, in a series of flashbacks to the prohibition days of the 30's, she slowly pieces together the story.

Angel appears in one of the flashback scenes, hardly recognisable with her hair pulled up tight 30's style. She is dressed in a black flapper dress and stockings. In an old mine, where bootleg whisky is being stored, she seduces the guard. Dropping to her knees she licks and laps at his cock then takes it deep into her mouth as he strips her. Getting the guy to lie on a bench Angel guides his cock into her pussy, slowly gyrating her hips as it slides in. Standing with her legs astride the bench Angel leans forward to be taken doggy style, moaning as the dick slips in and out of her moist hole. The guy gets back on the bench for the final bonk, Angel riding him reverse cowgirl, her pussy lips juddering as she thrusts down on his manhood. Kneeling, mouth open, Angel accepts the guy's cream in her mouth then licks the last few drops off the head end.

This is a brilliant film, beautifully set, with stunning costumes and great girls. The flashback scenes are all carefully choreographed fading in from sepia to full blown colour and full of period details. This included the removal of Angel's trademark tattoo - girls didn't have tattoos in the 30's. Ten out of ten and well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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