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Released: 1977
Director: Lasse Braun
Notes: Mike Hunter, West Germany, 1hr 23 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Mike Hunter, late 1970s.

This is a compilation by Mike Hunter (Gerd Wasmund) of vignettes linked with segments from a sex scene and a scene where a number of women or girls are sitting round at what turns out to be a sex club, reminiscing about their experiences which form the vignettes thus linked together. These vignettes were filmed by Lasse Braun in England in 1977 and had a separate existence as loops, sometimes in one or more different edits, but the compilation followed quickly as the women in the link sections also appear in the vignettes looking very similar.

The film begins with a blonde (NK0161) lying on her couch reading a book called How to Preserve Your Sex Life, a man enters and they have sex. (This is from the loop Blondie's Lessons in Statistics.)

Cut to a group of girls sitting round discussing their past sexual experiences. These include Kathy, Kelly Francis and Clyda Rosen with NK0159 leading the discussion. These experiences are shown, intercut with the blonde and her bloke and with the girls and include:

Kathy, NK0420 and Sonia Svenberger in the loop English Schoolgirl.

NK0159 wearing a mask which she soon takes off. Sex with two men follows in a luxurious bedroom. (From Jealousy.)

Kelly Francis as a nurse (she wears the uniform in the discussion too), being accosted in an alley by a bloke and having sex with him and another man in a lock-up. (From Tit Friction.)

A brunette (Clyda Rosen) is driven by a man to the flat of her two female friends, one slim (NK0153) the other busty and wearing a tight see-through top with no bra (NK0154). There is a lesbian sex scene but the man is enticed onto the balcony and locked out and forced to watch. (Also released as a short called Locked Out.)

After their sex session, the blonde drags her bloke off to the SM club where the girls are waiting.

(Information re production from Babylon Blue by David Flint, p. 89.)

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