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Released: 2002
Director: Rambo Polanski
Notes: Sin City
Alternate Titles
  • Rambo Polanski's Swap Meat
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 109 mins.

Swapmeat is rather unusual for a film shot in the States as five out of the seven girls come from Europe. The British trio of Angel-Long, Jessie J and Taylor Morgan are joined by Monica Sweetheart and Angela Crystal. The plot is simple - girls want jobs doing but are out of cash, so what can they do? ...

Driving down the highway, Angel's car conks out and she is left by the side of the road, her head under the bonnet. Luckily a tow truck pulls up behind her and the driver's garage is round the corner. In the workshop, Angel is told it's a big expensive job. She has no money so she offers to fuck the guy if he fixes it. She lifts her tits out of her slashed black top for him to lick as her hand goes down inside his overalls. The mechanic is soon between her legs fingering her fanny and licking her arse. Angel crouches to tongue his knob, then stretches herself over the bonnet to be taken in the pussy. She gasps and screams as her hole is plundered then suggests he lies on the floor to fuck her arse. Pulling at her pussy, Angel rides reverse cowgirl, the guy banging away at her gaping bum. He's ready to cum. Angel takes it in her mouth then swallows ... And the car? ... he's only the valet boy.

Taylor Morgan is having problems with her sink and sends for plumber Pete le Meat to plunge it. Bending over in her tight white skirt and lace top, she points to where it's dripping. Looking up her skirt, Pete can see the damp patch. It'll be a costly job but Taylor has another way to pay - she'll suck his cock if he clears the blockage; its a deal. Taylor slips off her blouse to give Pete a tit fuck, then explores his shaft and balls with her lips. Pete nibbles on her nipples on his way to Taylor's pussy. The two climb onto the table and 69. Prising open her pussy lips, Pete pops in his prick and starts to pound. Taylor moans as his balls slap her bum. The pair move to the floor where Taylor rides cowgirl. Turning, she takes Pete up the arse, her tits swaying as she bounces. The two roll over through spoons into doggy, Pete's cock planted in Taylor's bum. The session ends with Pete flooding her mouth. Taylor licks every last drop off his dick.

The final scene sees Jessie J and Ryan Conner fondling each other's tits as they wait to watch TV. When the screen turns blank, the girls realise they haven't paid the cable company and the guy is outside cutting them off. They invite him in and put on a show. Taking off their tops, they lick each other's tits. Pulling down Jessie's panties, Ryan climbs between her legs and laps at her clit as she slowly inserts her fingers deep into her fanny. The cable guy wants more than that to turn the two back on. They move to tease his cock, their tongues running up and down the shaft and across the head. Jessie lies back as the cable guy pushes his prick between her lips. Ryan licks at the two then moves to sit on Jessie's face. The girls swap places, Jessie catching the juices as they drip from the pair. The three fall to the floor and Ryan is taken up the arse as Jessie licks her clit. Pulling out, the cable guy pops his load over their faces. The girls quickly lick it off and settle down for a good night's viewing.

The sex for services plot may be a little contrived but the film is well executed, Angel and Taylor putting in good enthusiastic performances. Jessie though, in her scene, is overshadowed by tall thin Ryan Conner. Definitely worth another watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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