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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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It seems to be the same pot-bellied, fiftyish anonymous guy in all the scenes.

Vanessa Brannan/Flick Bennett: A shared BJ, with only head-and-shoulders shots of the girls. Fairly routine, although Vanessa gives it her best, especially with the weak cumshot.

Michelle Wright: Only her upper torso is visible, in a black negligee: the male is prone. Michelle has a fair bit of trouble eliciting an erection, but she looks heart-achingly beautiful, particularly when she takes one of her frequent glances to camera. Resorting finally to manual methods, she gets a good facial, licking the residue from the guy's cock and giving us a lovely smile and wave goodbye. This scene just pips Sally's as the best.

Lisa James: He is standing, and she kneels, in a red bra which she later removes, allowing us an occasional glimpse of her tits and the guy a brief grope. More 'wood' problems ensue, and Lisa seems less than committed to her task, but a resolution is finally achieved by him tossing off into her mouth, to her ill-concealed distaste.

Jay [5]: A pretty, very plump blonde, she is the only girl here to attempt a bit of dialogue, which at least rings the changes a little. A further spin is that she is sitting on a chaise-longue, which in long-shot allows glimpses of her pussy (she is wearing black s&s, and heels). Her enthusiasm reaps the usual rather poor reward: directed finally to take his come on her tongue, most of it misses, but the scene as a whole is better-worked than the others.

Sally Shakespear: After the usual Vanessa chit-chat, Sally herself gives us a brief intro. Like Michelle, she is a stunner, and like her she also glances frequently to camera with those dewy eyes of hers. We see only her head in his lap: she manages to coax a better erection from him than most of the others, despite having to contend with his dick poking out from an alarmingly bright pair of boxers. The guy eventually has to bring himself off, although their mutual positions mean that Sally catches the cum-shot full in her mouth, from where it dribbles out again attractively. The scene ends with a rather rueful grin to camera from Sally. Just pipped for best scene.

Lorraine Ansell: In a platinum 'Cleopatra' wig, Lorraine is topless, but again we don't see anything at all. He stands. She knows what she is doing, and resorts to more manual stimulation than the others, with the end-result a rather stronger ejaculation, which she allows to dribble over her lips and onto her tits (not seen).

Jenna Hill: Again the male is standing, she is topless (no views shown): a poor scene, with a relatively rapid spunking onto her tongue resulting in her pushing him away in distaste.

Jade Newman: He is prone, she is on top of and across him, wearing black lingerie, fishnets, heels and evening gloves. Jade manages for most of the time to keep the guy fully erect, she frequently going cross-eyed with the effort: her work-rate would do credit to a minimally-talented Premiership central defender. The result is anything but erotic to watch, although her pains do elicit the best cum-shot of the vid.

The major attraction of this rather one-dimensional effort (I'm no great fan of strictly BJ vids anyway) is the presence of Jenna and Sally going a little further than we are used to seeing them go. That said, the male 'star' is a lucky man, and either very persuasive or very rich, or both: but he failed to do any of the girls justice, and from my point of view a couple of them might justifiably have felt a little aggrieved at his somewhat less than enthusiastic response to their obvious charms. The lack of any full shots of the girls' bodies (Jay apart) is a further demerit.

84 mins.

Review by JJ

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