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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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The pot-bellied, fiftyish guy from SS1 returns with another bevy of BJs: his face is again blanked out whenever it appears.

Amanda Hatter/Vicky Holloway: The girls, only visible from the chest up, take turns sucking the prone guy, until Amanda wanks him off into Vicky's mouth. The latter gives the most enthusiastic reception to this of all the girls in this vid (which is not saying too much, however).

Bridget (Napinder Singh): Topless but wearing knickers, she sucks and wanks the guy while he stands: he tosses himself off over her tits after which she has another very brief suck.

Flick Bennett: Again he stands, she is topless. A lacklustre suck and wank results in him coming in her mouth.

Gilly Sampson: This is the only scene that affords some nice views of the girl's entire body: she is clad only in heels and black hold-ups, and there are several shots from distance. Gilly is a professional, and it shows, with more 'wood' being (eventually) coaxed from the guy, he finally coming into her mouth and between her tits.

Sammy Marshall: Sammy looks great, with her hair down, but all we see of her body is a brief glimpse of her tits. She struggles to elicit a firm erection despite a very dribbly BJ: the guy finally gets an erection as she pumps him hard, and Sammy then corpses as he squirts in her eye, up her nose, and over her tongue. Her bubbly personality and great looks save this scene from being a total waste.

Geraldine Martin: Also looking her best, with the guy prone once more, Geraldine has him almost immediately erect: she is naked but for a pair of white lace-tops, and we get the odd flash of pussy. A vigorous suck and wank gets some of his spunk in and around her mouth. The best 'performance' from the guy (and a tribute to Geraldine's oral and manual dexterity).

Fiona [6]: She is topless (all that you see), he is leaning against a stool: a perfunctory toss and BJ produces a weak cumshot. Not her fault, I suspect.

Vanessa Brannan: Last but not least, our 'link lady' takes a hand in the proceedings: mainly shot head-and-shoulders, she too has difficulty getting him interested, finally managing to bring him off in and around her mouth.

I'm not surprised the male wishes to remain incognito, as he is probably the only guy in Britain who couldn't get an immediate ramrod-stiffy when confronted with the prospect of a BJ from Vicky, Geraldine, Vanessa or Sammy. I can hardly blame him, but this would have been a much better video had he stood aside for a younger, fitter, more attractive male (or even me, please God).

As in SS1, each cumshot is repeated (from the same camera) in slo-mo: as some of them are brief and fairly weak, this is a perhaps forgivable use of an outdated technique, but see above.

This second effort has all the flaws of the first: the limitations of the male participant, the lack of any full or detailed views of the girls' bodies and the absence of dialogue or proper lead-ins. On the plus side, this is the strongest material I have seen of both Vicky and Sammy, so the producers are to be congratulated on that account. Picture quality is again very good. The music is less intrusive than usual, but bad enough nevertheless.

84 mins.

Review by JJ

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