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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Flick Bennett/Vanessa Brannan: Vanessa here is at her leering, pouting best (or worst, depending on point of view), as a naughty 'schoolgirl', complete with ankle-socks. The scene opens with her wanking over a magazine, at which she is caught by 'auntie' Flick: Vanessa is given a choice between a spanking, or her mum being told of her misdemeanour. No prizes for guessing which option is favoured, and Flick proceeds to administer a light over-the-knee slapping. Auntie Flick then leaves. Vanessa resumes her masturbation, now topless, and surprise, surprise, is once more caught in the act: This time she is spanked with a leather paddle, and there the scene ends.

Tracy Bevist/Jay [5]: 'Schoolgirl' Tracy is caught by 'matron' Jay, standing in front of a mirror, masturbating: there are some lovely upskirt shots of Tracy's (rather implausible but nevertheless erotic) white s&s and G-string. At first she is hand-spanked, but Jay then resorts to a wooden paddle, making Tracy's cheeks wobble fetchingly. Matron departs, leaving behind the paddle, which Tracy briefly fucks herself with before bringing herself off very wetly with two fingers. Matron returns, catching Tracy in flagrante, and administers a final punishment with a switch.

The first scene is pleasant enough but rather unoriginal, with hackneyed dialogue and average acting.

The second scene works much better, due in part to the better script (assuming there was one), but more to the acting skills of the two girls (although Tracy hardly needed to act portions of her role!). The subtext that Tracy courts punishment because it excites her adds a frisson.

The music is banal but unobtrusive and the dialogue is clearly audible. The shooting angles were adequate, but more close-ups might have improved the first scene. At 34 minutes though, the tape hardly justifies its price: as I acquired it at a batch discount it was just about worth it for Tracy's scene. Vanessa links as usual.

Review by JJ

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