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Released: 1975
Director: John Lindsay
Notes: loop, Taboo, 21½ mins.
Notes and Reviews

22 minutes

Lady Samantha (same character and same girl as in Health Farm, pretty and busty Debbie [10]) and female companion (taller, slim brunette, Cosey Fanni Tutti) get the interior decorators to visit the mansion. Tim Blackstone and NK0576 (thin brunette, slightly oriental looking) arrive while the female companion is in the shower and Lady Samantha shows them round. The female is left to measure up the bathroom while Lady Samantha takes Tim Blackstone around the rest of the house. Lady Samantha pops back to the bathroom and finds the other two girls in a lesbian clinch. She then goes back to Tim and gets him to measure up the bedroom. He holds one end of the tape measure under the dressing table and looks up to find Lady Samantha holding the other end against her midriff, stripped down to her stockings and suspenders. A b/g scene ensues intercut with the lesbian session on the bathroom floor. Lady Samantha takes the cumshot over her tits and face (shown in slow motion).

Then we see the decorators leaving and Lady Samantha goes off to the health farm in her chauffeur driven open-top Rolls. Her friend goes for a walk.

On the way back from the health farm the chauffeur spots a girl (Suzette Sangalo Bond) in hot pants walking along the road. He turns and stops to change into casual wear from his chauffeur's uniform. He then drives back and, pretending to be the owner of the car, offers her a lift. They go back to the mansion. She dances for him and strips and he goes down on her. At this point the female friend of Lady Samantha returns, takes her dress off, drags him off her and takes his place. A threesome follows in which both girls give him a blowjob and get fucked with the cumshot over the belly of Cosey Fanni Tutti.

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