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Released: 2002
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

This film is set in the consulting room of sex therapist Sammy-Jayne, who introduces herself with a lengthy speech to camera. This sets the standard for the film which requires a fair bit of speaking from the actors. (There are amusing outtakes in the extras section which show it wasn't all plain sailing). Immaculately dressed in jacket and skirt, she explains how she likes to get involved with her patients and that she never wears knickers (giving us a sly flash under the desk).

Hungarian Vera Versayani (who's also credited with the make-up), as Dana, has just split from her long-term boyfriend and masturbation just isn't a substitute. So it's up to Dr Sammy-Jayne to show her how to do it properly. Dana, naked on the couch, rubs baby oil all over her body with extra around her pussy. Sammy-Jayne now needs some oil around her pussy too, then she inserts a pure white dildo into Dana's pussy which eventually does the trick.

Alan Nielsen's problem is that he just can't cum. Sammy-Jayne gets him on the couch, stripped to his underpants, stroking and sucking his cock to hardness. Then, while Alan lies on the floor, she teases him from the couch, permitting him to lick her pussy. Now, stripped to her lacy basque and stockings, Alan fucks her spoons and doggy before she wanks him to a climax, cumming all over her tits.

Anoushka is consulting Sammy-Jayne with boyfriend JJ O'Neil, who has a foot fetish. Anoushka can't understand the thing about feet and wishes he'd just fuck her up the bum. The couple get undressed and Anoushka allows JJ to kiss her feet; meanwhile Sammy-Jayne strips to her stockings and starts kissing Anoushka, moving onto her pussy. Now JJ has had his fun he has to fuck Anoushka. Sammy-Jayne helps to lubricate by sucking JJ's cock then he fucks Anoushka's pussy then her arse, finally he's allowed to cum over both girls' feet.

Ian Tate's problem is premature ejaculation and Sammy-Jayne doesn't seem to be the best cure, especially when she strips to her hold-ups and starts to suck his cock. Ian responds by licking Sammy-Jayne and this leads to sex on the couch, cowgirl and doggy. Having held out this long, Ian finally succumbs to a hand-job cumming over Sammy-Jayne's face.

In the final scene, Phillip is obsessed by anal sex, but girlfriend Sarah isn't interested. Sammy-Jayne suggests more foreplay from Phillip and between them they undress Sarah. Now all three are undressed, Sammy licks Sarah's pussy and demands Phillip does the same to her. Phillip licks and fingers Sammy's pussy while Sarah slips a finger up her bum. Sammy shows Sarah how to suck Phillip's cock before showing her how to take it up the bum. Sammy rides Phillip in reverse cowgirl while Sarah licks her tits and fingers her pussy; then Sarah gets her arse stretched with a dildo before Phillip fucks her bum in spoons and doggy while she licks Sammy-Jayne. The scene ends with a copious spunking over Sarah's bum.

This is a very classy film. The actual sex takes a relatively small amount of each scene, but the build-up, foreplay, styling, lighting and camerawork make this a very stylish production. One sex scene in a film with Sammy-Jayne is a bonus, a whole film is something else and she shows that she can be as downright dirty as the rest, here corrupting the sweet Sarah Daykin (yeah, I know, she's had four guys in her bum in one film before, but she looks so damn innocent). Another demonstration that you don't need massive tits to be lethally sexy. A real eleven out of ten production.

Review by Bayleaf

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