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Released: 2002 (2007 for DVD)
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Viv Thomas, previously Adult Channel series
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Running time: 99 mins.

Originally filmed for Playboy TV, Single White Female Seeks... has been released in 'the original, unseen and uncut version' as it says on the box. The film follows Vera, who is credited as Dana, as she looks for someone to share her new flat. Placing an advertisement in the local paper has produced a number of responses, but who is the right girl to become a room mate?

The first girl to knock in the door is Sadie Leech. In her flowered blouse and jeans, she sits on the sofa chatting. Vera lets slip she is a porn actress. That's one of the reasons Sadie wants to stay with her. Reaching into her handbag, Sadie explains her hobby is masturbation. She pulls out a red double-ended dong. Vera is a little unsure at first but is persuaded to give it a try. Slowly stripping, Sadie lies against Vera's legs. Pulling her white panties to one side, she licks at her shaven pussy. The red toy is worked over Vera's clit. She drops to lap at Sadie's neatly trimmed pubes. Kissing, the girls fall back on the sofa and finger themselves before sharing the toy. Vera sits on Sadie's lap, the plastic prick in her pussy. The two move round, banging their bums together with the dong in between. Pressed hard against Sadie's naked flesh, Vera decides she's not the right girl.

After some fun and games in the kitchen with bubbly blonde Anoushka, Vera heads off for a night out. At a club she meets Carri. The two kiss passionately. Slipping off Carri's denim jacket and easing her boobs out of her pink bra, Vera starts to nibble at Carri's nipples. They get hard and erect. Working her way down Carri's body, Vera reaches her pussy and starts to lick. Looking around, no one is watching as Carri pops her hand under Vera's skirt. Stretched out on a pinball table, Carri works two fingers into Vera's pussy. The pair move to a quieter spot for more sucking and finger fucking. A blue vibrator is pulled from a handbag and screwed between Carri's legs. Her pussy glistening with juices, Vera goes back to the pinball machine where her rocking motion on the toy brings the table to life... Perhaps not the right time or place for Carri.

Like Sadie before her, Sarah seems more interested in Vera's status as a star than the state of the flat. Peeling down her black stockings, she uses them to blindfold Vera. Her hands explore her breasts, then make their way into her skimpy black panties. Stripped down to her lingerie, Sarah's tongue flicks over Vera's buttocks and jabs into her pussy. Her finger enters her tight moist hole. Grabbing a red vibrator, Sarah teases Vera's clit. Swinging round, the two 69. Vera finds a purple dildo to push into Sarah's pussy. She sighs with pleasure as the toy slides back and forth. Although Sarah is sensual and sexy, Vera likes to see what she's doing. So, it's a 'no' to flat sharing.

Interrupted during her shower, Vera pulls on a robe to answer the door. Natalie asks to come in as she's been thrown out by her parents. Vera asks why. Natalie will show her. With the robe falling to the floor, Natalie places her hand on Vera's pussy. Then, lifting her striped top, she licks at her boobs. Unzipping her leather trousers, she starts to masturbate. Vera helps her out. A white vibrator comes from under a cushion on the couch. Vera shows how it should be used, filling her fanny with the buzzing toy. Having watched Vera climax, Natalie wants the same experience. Spreading her legs, she lounges back on the sofa. Vera licks at her clit. Rubbing a red toy over her pussy lips makes her tremble with pleasure. Natalie...? A little too inexperienced.

The last girl to look round the flat is Kellemarie. All is going well until they reach the bedroom. Throwing herself onto the bed, Kellemarie tells Vera she's her No. 1 fan. Bent over her knee, Kellemarie strokes and caresses Vera's bum. She pulls her white panties aside and laps at her arse. A finger probes her pussy. Stripped, the two roll around the bed licking each other's flesh. Kellemarie works her way south towards Vera's pussy. Taking a dagger shaped glass toy, Kellemarie plunges it into Vera's pussy. Vera's reply is a knobbled glass rod deep between Kellemarie's legs. Vera impales herself on the glass staff. The girls grind their pussies together till they climax. Perhaps with Kellemarie, Vera would never get out of bed... So, again it's a no.

Watching this film, the 'softcore' origins of the scenes are evident. And while the girl-on-girl action is nicely done, the linking dialogue by Vera (or Dana, as she was when the film was made), like her acting, leaves a lot to be desired. Those who pick up the DVD in the shop and expect 2 hours 52 minutes of action, as stated on the cover, will be very disappointed as the film only runs to 99 minutes. Even the extras and ads don't bring it anywhere near the stated running time. Single White Girl Seeks contains some nice gentle girl-on-girl sex, but nothing special to make it stand out.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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