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Released: 2003
Notes: Relish / Tongue-in-cheek
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Relish / Tongue in Cheek Productions (thanks for the review copy)

This team now provide an entertaining send-up of a porn documentary as interviewer Lee Henshaw (it sounded like him anyway) visits a studio and interviews crew members and 'aspiring' porn performers and we see their casting sessions.

First a g/g between auditioning Brandy and Monique Dane, a casting director who can't resist getting in on the action.

Steve Hooper (as Trevor Buckmaster), after a dig at those performers who don't turn up, puts Traci G through her paces and gives an after-the-match analysis to Lee.

'Digby' and his girlfriend 'Divine' (Bonnie Heart) are an auditioning couple who intend to work only together, but Lee has to take over and he persuades her to branch out, leaving Digby bereft.

Jamie Woods giving a fine performance as the girl let down by a no-show stud, but desperate for action, takes on the cleaner as a substitute. She is dubious at first but changes her mind smartly when she sees the size of his equipment.

Finally, when he can get a word in, Lee interviews Divine again, with Mary Lou (Rebekah Jordan) and we see them perform with Mark and a couple of dildos.

Quite a few sly in jokes and a lot of good hard action.

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