< Stolen Sex

Released: 1970s
Director: John Fortune
Notes: loop, Mistral Films, 9 mins. Included on The Connoisseurs' Collection Edition Four, Best Of Blue Movies 9.
Notes and Reviews

70s short, Mistral Films. Performed hard, shown soft.

A blonde (NK0607) and her male partner burgle a house and find the brunette female occupant (NK0608) in the bath. The male has sex with her and then locks her in the bathroom while the burglars open the safe. Then a policeman rings the doorbell; so the blonde undresses and puts on a skimpy robe to go to the door. She invites him in and seduces him. She ties him up while he lies in a post-coital stupor. They leave with the swag. The street is obviously in Britain with Cortinas parked at the kerb; so why is the policeman dressed like a gendarme?

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