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Released: 2003
Notes: Relish / Tongue-in-Cheek
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Real life partners Guy and Cheryl are perfectly cast as the hosts of a swingers evening in this programme, which purports to be a documentary on the current UK Swingers scene. The couple provide a convincing interview to camera in which they explain how they are relatively new to the scene, have invited some guests round for a party and are currently preparing the food. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and the entire cast flood in.

Thus the opening scene begins, with everyone trying to get to know everyone else. After some general groping the cast pair off to rooms upstairs leaving Guy and Tyrelle, who fuck all over the sofas and Guy cums over her pussy.

In an upstairs bedroom Kellemarie is licking Amanda's pussy when the tv crew barge in for an interview. Both girls turn in creditable performances as they explain who they came with and how long they've been in the scene. The crew leave and a hot scene follows between the girls who make a long sparkling double ended dildo vanish as they wriggle bum to bum.

In the hall, Andy and Steve are interviewed before Andy heads for the bathroom and Steve claims he needs to give wife Simone-Claire a warm-up. Andy finds Cheryl in the bathroom and they have sex in all positions in the confined space, meanwhile Simone gives her usual 110% performance with Steve as they shag in every position on the bed including anal.

Everyone now returns to the open plan lounge for a round-robin of sex. Kellemarie and Amanda stay together using several bananas as substitutes which have to be licked from each other's pussies. Guy works his way through Tyrelle, Cheryl, Alicia and Simone and Steve adds Alicia to his list. Fran stays in the background limiting herself to oral with a couple of guys. The scene ends with Guy cumming over Cheryl's bum, Steve over Alicia's tits and Simone sucks Andy.

In this film the Relish team have broken out of the discrete scene by scene box and created an interesting and erotic programme. Several established performers show they can deliver convincing dialogue from a good, simple script, while keeping the sexual content high. For me, one of the best films of 2003.

Review by Bayleaf

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