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Released: 2003
Director: Justin Ribero Dos Santos
Notes: JoyBear Pictures
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Running time: 88 mins.

Unfortunately the film has no titles or any other indication as to who the girls are. Ashley and Kat are easily recognisable and one of the other two British girls in the film is Kirsty Kay. The last girl is very familiar and appears in a girl/girl with Kat, but I just can't put a name to the face...

Steve Hooper is out and about in London doing a Vox Pop on the public's attitude to porn and whilst he's about it trying to persuade his interviewees to be filmed having sex. Surprisingly the general public, whilst they are happy to talk about porn, don't want to star in it. Luckily for Steve, whenever he pops the question about filming there is always an established porn star walking by who is only too glad to help with his research.

After having sex with two Hungarians on a house boat, Steve is back by the Thames interviewing. Kirsty Kay and Tony de Sergio just happen to be walking by and offer their services. It's off to the houseboat leaving Steve on the bank. Kirsty and Tony finger and fondle on the bridge before going below deck for some serious work. Out of her top, Kirsty sucks on Tony's cock, letting him finger her fanny. Stripped, Kirsty slides her pussy down Tony's erect manhood and rides him. The couple move over to the stairs where she is taken doggy style. No sooner has the action started than Tony cums over Kirsty's back and the scene ends.

Ashley Long is the next girl to help Steve out. She looks as if she is freezing in her sleeveless red top as she talks, but some hot action at her flat should warm her up. As the pair climb the stairs, Ashley slips Steve's cock out and gives it a blow job. The two then walk through the flat and go out onto the roof, Steve hardly getting his bearings as his dick is swallowed. He eventually manhandles Ashley's boobs out of her top. Undoing a big red belt, Steve pulls down Ashley's skin-tight jeans, working to work his tongue over her pussy and arse. Accompanied by the sound of hammering, Steve enters Ashley from behind. Her taut slim body pulsates as he pounds. Ashley gets Steve to lie down so she can ride his cock, but what she really wants is to be taken up the arse. Steve bangs away at Ashley's, pulling out to spray her body.

Drowned out by squealing and screeching buses, Steve thinks he is onto a winner with Kat Varga and her friend. Both are willing to be filmed, but without him. The girls head off to a luxury flat where they have a quick grope in the lobby. Once inside it's bras and panties off for a licking and fingering session on the kitchen table. The action is over too quickly.

Finally Steve is talking to a couple in Earls Court when his phone rings. Kirsty is willing to do a scene with him; so he's straight off to meet her. Kirsty appears in a black-lace dress and matching lingerie, Steve asks what she wants to do. Taking her tits out, he starts on those and she bends to lick his man meat. With her knickers removed, Steve laps at her pussy and clit then bends Kirsty forward to be entered from behind. The two strip and Steve sits on a chair so Kirsty can ride his cock reverse. The two move to a set of steps, Kirsty lying against them to be shagged doggy. A pop shot over her face and it's all over.

The start of each scene is too predictable, with Steve asking the same questions again and again, and far too long taking over half the film. The action when it comes is nicely filmed, but over too quickly. Another puzzler is why the 30-second clip of a girl stripping in a darkened room between each scene? Streetheat isn't really worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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