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Released: 2003
Director: Axel Braun
Notes: Elegant Angel
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Running time: 130 mins.

The film stars 11 girls (Betty Swallows, Alicia Rhodes, Elizabeth Lawrence, Donna Ibbotson, Teoni, Cindy Crawford, Lena More, Victoria Givens, Rio Mariah, Brittney Andrews & Rebecca Bardaux) who want to find their G spots and have a squirting orgasm. The setting is Patrick Collins' offices at Elegant Angel's studio where the film hits first problem, who is directing Axel Braun or Patrick?

With the number of girls involved, each scene is short and follows the same format.

Claire Brown (as Betty Swallows) is in scene 4 which is shot in a room with an awful blue wall. After removing her black knickers Axel starts his magical fingers in her pussy. With a scream and a gasp she comes, soaking all around her. Axel then asks if she can get ageing Bill Nutsack to come in her mouth in the fastest time possible. It takes her 5 minutes but I don't think she was trying too hard.

Alicia (credited as Alisha) is in the 6th scene dressed in a light blue flowered dress that clashes with the purple sofa in the very cramped office. After playing with her pussy Axel starts to work but instead of a squirt it's a squelching sound and slight damp patch. Alicia is then joined by Jake Malone for some cock sucking and bum licking. Because of the tight space the camera angles and shots aren't always the best with the camera being kicked a couple of times.

Scene 7 sees Elizabeth Lawrence in a room decorated by the colour blind!! Pink carpet, yellow, orange and purple walls and a tatty blue curtain!!! After having her toes licked by Jake, Axel calculates it will take 3 minutes to get her to cum and he is almost right. Grey, balding Bill then joins Elizabeth to see if she can bring him off in less time than it took Claire. I think it was a draw.

The bonus scene has Teoni and Donna Marie in Patrick's office. After he has played with their nipples Axel joins to find their G spots. Both girls cum in minutes.

This film was a big disappointment. From the girls in the cast it could have been great, but they were let down by shoddy sets, very iffy camera work and poor men. Jake and Bill could be classed as Help the Aged and heavily tattooed Paulo Banana who appeared in a scene with Rio Mariah was so over weight he could hardly move.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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