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Notes: DBM compilation
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German fisting video with six unrelated scenes.

  • Hayley Russell and a blonde play with a dildo. Lesbian sex, dildo DP, anal fisting and A2M for Hayley. She then fists the blonde vaginally and they fist each other in the 69 position.
  • Brunette and Backey Jakic, anal, joined by Marie Allard who takes a female fist and cock DPP. They try to share a facial but little lands on their faces.
  • Christiane Gonod, a brunette and Yves Baillat, fisting, fist and cock DP.
  • Brunette and two men, DP, facials.
  • Brunette and two men all in PVC fetish gear, DP, facial.
  • Delphine Lavelle (dressed as a schoolgirl) in kitchen with male. She is drinking coke and he takes the bottle and pours some over her pussy. He then fists her and inserts the bottle, bottom end first. She then gives him a blowjob. He fucks her, including anal. He then sticks four fingers up her arse and then the bottom of the bottle.

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