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Released: 2002
Director: F J Lincoln
Notes: VCA
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Running time: 110 mins.

The Sleaze Show is a trailer trash spoof on a well known US TV show. The set is a caravan with garden chairs, the host Joey Sprinkler, there's hefty bouncers and, as on the real show, the guests all have unusual secrets.

Ashley Long is the first guest. She secretly strips behind her husband's back. In the melee that follows she is carried back to the dressing room where she finds comfort with one of the other guests. As her radio mike is unclipped from the front of her black dress Ashley becomes aroused and drops to the floor taking the guy's cock deep in her mouth. Slipping out of her dress she sits with her legs apart on the dressing room bench and there are excellent close-up shots of her pussy and clit being licked. It's then time to slide her pussy down the condom-clad cock for a quick ride. Turning, Ashley finishes the guy doggy style and has her back sprayed with spunk for her efforts.

Layla~Jade appears later as a girl who is looking for her long-lost love. Now that he's found they don't want to waste any time and she wanks his cock on the Sleaze Show set as he slides his fingers up her red dress to finger her pussy. Thinking they are on to a winner the camera crew continue to film as Layla drops to her knees and her tongue darts over the head of the cock before she wraps her red lips around the shaft. It's been such a long time Layla doesn't want to stop, mounting the guy for reverse cowgirl fun. To re-cement the relationship she then takes the guy up the arse and ends with him firing his load over her bum cheeks.

Plot based films are becoming rarer these days and it's nice to see two British girls being directed by one of the legends of the industry. The script may be a bit cheesy but F J Lincoln knows how to shoot good films. The setting, lights and camera angles are all carefully staged and the editing makes the action appear to flow uninterrupted. Fine work.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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