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Diana Lee (Michelle Wright), Marino Franchi, Kris Newz, George Marcellano (?), Bob Scott, Mia, Sasha (Tamsin le Vann), Chloe James (Kerry Dickerson)

Opens with Michelle Wright (the statesman's wife, the statesman is never seen) having her feet and then her pussy licked by Marino in the back of a limousine with the chauffeur (George Marcellano) watching through the driving mirror. This proceeds to blowjob and full sex when the car has driven into a large garage and they move out of the car and on to the bonnet. She tells the chauffeur that that will be all for now and he goes to wait outside. Tamsin le Vann, also in chauffeur uniform, walks up and invites him back to her place - this scene is cut in this copy of the video, but the credits imply that a sex scene took place. The chauffeur returns to the garage where Michelle sucks him off while being taken from behind by Marino (anal is included).

Kerry Dickerson (who is the statesman's mistress and a glamour model) visits photographer Bob Scott in his studio. She has had some pics taken but cannot pay for them so pays in kind. Meanwhile Kris News another photographer in the same studio is taking pics of Mia - this leads to sex between them and there is intercutting between the scenes. Michelle Wright arrives at the studio - evidently she has been having it away with Kris too as she gets angry and tearful at catching him red-handed with Mia. She is comforted by Mia which leads to a lesbian scene. Kerry Dickerson tries to take pics of them to use against her rival but is discovered by Kris News which leads to sex between them. Bob Scott finds Mia and Michelle on the bed and joins in, leading to a joint facial. Then a general orgy develops with a brief DP for Michelle Wright.

This video is notable for some really bad acting from Kris News and Michelle Wright, slightly less bad from the others. From her little dialogue it seems that Mia is not British but she may be UK-based.

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