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Released: 2001
Director: Nathan Day & Tanya Hansen
Notes: Pleasure
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Running time: 94 mins.

Tanya Hansen, Jan Burton, Amanda Pickering, Tracy Williams, Michelle Thorne, Georgette Neale

Tanya Hansen is in an antique shop with her older husband. They buy a statue and take it home. It gives her strange dreams - her favourite device for introducing sex scenes in her films.

  • She dreams of appearing in a porn film taking on three men (including Mark Sloan) - reverse cowgirl anal and facials.
  • Tanya is in the shower and joined by Jan Burton (credited as Janet James) and Amanda Pickering (credited as Maria Santini). This features dildos, strap-ons and double ended dildo used by Jan and Amanda.
  • Mark Sloan takes Tanya down to the cellar where they find Chris News and a gagged blonde (Tracy Williams). She has to watch Chris and Mark fuck Tracy - anal, DP, facials onto her tongue.
  • Tanya dreams of driving a getaway car for Michelle Thorne and Pete who are excited at the success of their robbery and have sex in the back of the car - anal, facial.
  • She dreams again of the porn film set where Georgette Neale is buying a motor bike off two men (one is Chris News). They have to demonstrate its features by having sex on it - anal, DP both ways, DPP and facials.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

The Statue is one of several films starring and directed by blonde Scandinavian Tanya Hansen which were shot in Britain and designed to showcase her and her large breasts. Tanya appears with five British girls - Georgette Neale, Michelle Thorne, Tracy Williams, Amanda Pickering and Jan Burton, the latter two under aliases.

The film is based around the powers of a statue which bored housewife Tanya persuades her middle-aged husband to buy from an antique shop. During the night Tanya is drawn towards the statue and she is then whisked off in a dream sequence. Her first destination is the set of a porn shoot where she is the star, taking on two guys at once including Mark Sloan.

Having had her face splashed with cum, Tanya finds herself in a shower with Amanda and Jan. The two girls back Tanya into the corner where they lick and finger her fanny. Tanya finds herself wearing a strap-on which she uses with relish on Jan. Amanda stands next to the pair pushing a plastic prick deep into her pussy; Tanya helps out, fingering her arse. As Tanya lies on the bathroom floor, Jan mounts her strap-on and gently gyrates, Tanya then guides a double ended dong into the girls' pussies. The scene ends with Amanda impaling her wet pussy on Tanya's dick as the two fuck over the toilet.

The next day the statue continues to cast its spell. Tanya finds herself held captive with Tracy Williams in a celler by two desperate men, Mark Sloan and Chris News. She is forced to watch as the boys ravish Tracy's body. Tracy responds by putting both cocks in her mouth. Bent over and with one boob hanging out of her red top, she sucks on Chris's dick as Mark fucks her from behind. Hitching up her short black dress, Tracy rides Chris reverse cowgirl. The two move, Tracy lying between Tanya's legs, her head nestled between her tits as she is fucked. Tanya fingers and fondles herself as Tracy is taken up the arse. There are muffled moans as the second length of man meat is stuffed in her pussy. The guys pull out and jerk off into Tracy's open mouth.

Next, Tanya is sitting in a car when Michelle Thorne and Pete le Meat jump into the back with a bag full of money and Tanya finds she is the get away driver. She pulls at her tits as she watches Michelle run her tongue over Pete's cock in the rear view mirror. Kneeling, Pete laps at Michelle's pussy lips as he fingers her arse, while in the front Tanya uses a vibrator on her clit. Michelle sucks on her nipples getting them hard and erect as Pete pumps her pussy with his prick. The two roll off the back seat and the shagging continues doggy. Tanya pulls on her pussy as Pete and Michelle make the car bounce as they hump. With her mouth open and head back, Pete drops his load on her face ... the director walks in - Tanya is still in the a film.

The statue comes to life, spinning out of control it crashes to the floor and smashes. The action moves to a garage where Chris and Bob Scott are looking at a motorbike. Georgette enters and bends over the bike, sucking on Bob's knob as Chris fucks her from behind. The guys balance Georgette on the saddle to probe her pussy when Mark joins in. Three dicks are better than two and the group move to the floor where Georgette eases Mark's cock into her arse. The action moves back to the bike, Georgette rubbing her pussy on the petrol tank as she sucks and is fucked. With her bum full of Mark, Bob slips his cock into her pussy for a little DP action. Stretching herself wide, Bob and Chris give Georgette double vag as she chews on Mark's cock. The three shower Georgette's face and tits in cream.

Acting is not Tanya Hansen's strong point and with a weak disjointed plot there is little to tie the scenes together ... or is the film that deep I'm missing something. The performances from most of the girls were good, though Jan Burton was relegated to third spot in her scene. As for the production, the picture quality was OK if a little 'red', but the soundtrack has an annoying hum throughout. If you want to watch Michelle Thorne in a boy/girl with Pete or are a Tracy Williams or Georgette Neale fan then pop out and buy this. Otherwise save your money, there are lots of better films about.

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