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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia / One-Eyed Pirate
Notes and Reviews

Another pro-am shagfest from John Mason filmed at his regular northern haunt, Sheffield's La Chambre. Same format as Swingers 1 - a series of individual scenes culminating in a large group session with, in this case, thirteen participants.

To start, Keira, in black bodystocking and knee boots, performs a very professional and erotic ten minute poledance on the small stage in front of John T. Keira, now naked except for her boots, gets seriously fucked in all positions on the floor. The scene ends with a modest facial.

Pro-am couple Julie and Paul perform on one of La Chambre's big beds. Julie is a fleshy thirty something and is up for a good shagging from Paul. Sex in most positions in this 25 minute scene, which ends with a modest facial.

The third scene is a short ten minute all-girl affair with Mandy, Tanya and Rachel. They start in their undies and strip for some mutual kissing and vibrator sharing. A slow paced scene with some extended kissing, particularly from Rachel who I have only ever seen with other girls. Lovely.

In the fourth scene, Mandiie teams up with Darryl and Kylie with Josh. The four start by getting undressed and then it's a general four-way with all parties grabbing and sucking what's nearest, although there is only penetrative sex between Darryl with Mandiie and Josh with Kylie. There is good interaction between the girls throughout including a nice 69 between them as Mandiie takes Darryl doggie and Kylie has Josh missionary. Scene ends with a facial each for the girls.

Darryl returns in the fifth scene with Tammie Lee in an exotic boudoir. Both strip naked before giving a demonstration of top class fucking. Another excellent performance from Tammie which manages to maintain enough passion to avoid becoming purely a demonstration of a dozen sexual positions. This 20 minute scene ends with Darryl pulling out and shooting over Tammie's belly.

Another all girl three-way, this time with Julie, Keira and Kat. The action takes place on a sofa with the three girls indulging in mutual licking, kissing and finger fucking. Keira gets a little dildo treatment, but it's mainly digital stuff.

And for the finale, John delivers an orgy with thirteen performers on La Chambre's huge city-skyline bed. Previous performers Keira, Julie, Kat and Mandiie are joined by Lisa and Pam plus seven guys.

Fortunately the camera allows each person to introduce themselves before all participants strip naked and get down to business. It's impossible to describe all the couplings, and the sheer weight of numbers prevents much athleticism. There are no dps, but with extra guys most girls get kebabbed. Mandiie and Keira spread their favours widest, getting shagged by three or four guys, while Pam sticks to partner Mark. For the rest it's just two or three guys. The mayhem is summed up by Keira's muffled question to Paul (she has Julie sitting on her face so can't see) "who's going inside me?". The scene ends a little abruptly just as the spunk has started to fly, but by this time the dvd has passed the three hour mark.

Fantastic fucking, fantastic value. Well done JM.

Review by Bayleaf

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