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Released: 2003
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
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John Mason proves he can do it again with the first of this series set in Sheffield's notorious La Chambre swingers club. Regular viewers will recognise the place from many scenes that John and Terry (One Eyed Jack) Stephens have shot here, but this is the first time it has featured in its own right. Although I'm cautious about the claim on the box that everyone featured in the film is a member of the club.

In the first scene John T shags Tilly in the drapes room. As usual Tilly provides a very enthusiastic performance as John fucks her in every position on the huge bed, finishing off with a modest facial which Tilly rubs all over her tits.

Next, Donna and partner Tony are in a fetish area of the club. After some mutual cock and pussy sucking, Donna lies on her back on one of the custom benches with her legs in stirrups while Tony stands and fucks her. They make the most of the other equipment as Donna bends over a bench to be fucked from behind. The scene ends with Donna kneeling for a facial.

John T is back, this time with Kat, a voluptuous redhead with generous tits and a near-perfect arse. Dressed in a little pvc number she gives John a good sucking before he fucks her doggy-style. Sex in missionary, spoons and cowgirl follow in energetic quick succession. At the end John sprays Kat's tits with spunk.

Scene four is a threesome between Tilly, Claire and Darryl. Claire is the first to take Darryl's considerable length from behind as she licks Tilly's pussy, then the positions are reversed, which sets the pattern for the scene. As Darryl fucks Claire missionary, Tilly sits on her face and vice versa. More doggy and cowgirl follow as the girls lick Darryl's tool as it slides into the other's pussy. Lovely stuff.

Next Claire is in the pool with Donna and Kat. Lots of full-on kissing here as the girls lick and finger-fuck each other and share a dildo or two in the shallow water.

Finally all the girls plus Dawn Slater and the three boys get together on one of the huge beds for an orgy. All the girls and guys strip off and in no time are fucking like mad. Dawn has joined in to lend moral support to the girls and confines herself to interaction with the girls, while at the other end of the scale Tilly and Donna have sex with all three guys while Kat manages only two and Claire sticks to Darryl. With so many bodies in close proximity there's plenty of scope for groping, kissing and sucking other bodies. Fantastic scene.

Unless your taste runs to only the very prettiest of girls being fucked by the world's top stallions then this little shagfest is a must see. All the girls featured here are professional or semi-professional models who appear in films elsewhere and extensively on Johnny Rebel's website. And with a running time in excess of two and a half hours, fantastic value.

Tucked away in the extras is a short film shot after the action in the club bar as the participants chat to camera. Fascinating.

Review by Bayleaf

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