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Released: 2003
Director: Andre Madness
Notes: Kick Ass
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Running time: 96 mins.

They say 'Guy's don't make passes at girls who wear glasses' but Andre Madness proves them wrong, if they have Specs Appeal. Over five scenes a group of boys find Alexis, Brooke, Eva, Stephanie Trip and Michelle B irresistible once they put their glasses on.

Talking to the camera, Brian Surewood reveals that he has fallen head over heels for one of the West Coast's top plastic surgeons, Michelle B. Discussing a potential hair transplant with her, he spins a yarn about being a top flight medical financier who is capable of sending plenty of work her way. He's keen to see Michelle's handiwork. She unbuttons her white coat and loosens her bra to display two beautifully proportioned breasts. Brian sucks and squeezes them. Lifting her skirt, Michelle gives him a glimpse of her silky smooth bum. Brian's tongue runs over her arse and pussy to sample her work. Wanting to know just how many patients Brian could send her way, Michelle slips off her knickers and spreads her legs on the stirrups of the examination chair. Licking his way from her toes to her pussy, Brian is sure he can arrange something big. Climbing off the chair, Michelle takes his dick in her mouth. Nice and wet, she slides down its length. After a little doggy she stretches out on the examination table to be taken missionary. Ready to cum, Brian coats Michelle's spectacles in spunk. She takes them off and licks.

The scenarios may be strained, delivery of lines wooden and the sets ropy, but no one takes the story lines too seriously and all the performers appear to be having fun. Andre Madness has it right: girls can look sexy in specs and this film proves it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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