< Surprise Aerienne

Released: 1992
Director: Richard Romain
Notes: Défi
Alternate Titles
  • Airline Surprise
Notes and Reviews

The same cast as Noces Rituelles. A silly plot (as far as one can tell) involving the hijack of an airliner and sex between the stewardess (Madison), pilots, hijackers and passengers (including Sharon Kane and Vida Garman). The passengers appear about 28 minutes into the film. An orgy develops with Vida and Sharon having lesbian sex in one seat while there is a b/b/g threesome in another, other passengers watching. When the hijack occurs, among other sexual acts, Vida and Sharon are forced to sit next to one of the hijackers. He gropes Sharon, but Vida goes down on him and is then fucked. Later we see Vida, Madison and another male on a bed somewhere. Vida does not have full sex with the male but does sit on his face.

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