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Released: 2004
Notes: Rain
Notes and Reviews

Denise appears in scene 3 and starts of by explaining why she's in porn and how she loves the attention her breasts get her. In the interview she admits to just recently starting doing anal. A bit more talk, she sticks her finger in her ass, and then onto the real action with Denise crawling on hands and knees to suck off the first guy. Then she moves to suck the other guy as the first one gets behind her and fucks her pussy. A lot of swearing with Denise saying stuff like "I'm a dirty filthy whore" at the director's request. Then she's on the floor on her back sucking one guy whilst the other fucks her missionary. After this it's back to being on all fours with the first guy pounding her pussy from behind again and slapping her arse. Next we cut to the same guy fucking her arse from behind as she moans realistically. Denise then gets double penetrated (pussy and arse). Scene ends with both guys coming over her face.

Review by Jules

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