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Released: 2004
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Relish's uncompromising exposé starts with the investigating team driving their borrowed black Ford Capri to a woodland car park in Cobham, when they should be meeting Ian Tate in Chobham, two miles down the road. They race away in a hail of grit and gritty language which underlines the confidence in the mix of amusing situations and hardcore sex that Relish bring to their productions.

In Chobham the team meet Ian, who explains some dogging etiquette from inside his black Porsche before being joined by Stefan Hard in a second car. A little later Jamie Brooks sashays into view in boob tube, micro shorts and ankle boots. With her new fake boobs and extra weight, Jamie has lost her breathtaking innocence and now looks every bit the piece of white trailer-trash ready to take on two strangers on a Surrey common. Jamie bends to take Stefan in her mouth at the start of a tour-de-force of deep-throating for both guys. Ian takes advantage and fucks her from behind as soon as her shorts are off. Cowgirl with Ian and doggy with Stefan on the grass. Anal with Ian in reverse cowgirl and missionary then, as is starts to rain, Jamie sucks off first Ian in his Porsche then Stefan in his Peugeot.

Up another track the team finds Kellemarie and Karen Wood in a VW Caravanelle undressing each other. The team introduce themselves as the girls strip and have lesbian sex with each other. Nice licking, kissing and deep fingering leads to some limited action with a beaded dildo. The girls invite the team to join in, but in best N.O.T.W. fashion they make their excuses and leave.

Another day, another wood, and Ian is in his car with girlfriend Susie Best. The team take to the bushes and moments later Tony James arrives with his girlfriend, Starr. The guys agree to swap girls, who they undress as they lean against Ian's car. The girls suck their new partners' cocks side by side, pausing only to kiss each other. Bending each girl over the front seats from either side of the car the guys fuck Susie and Starr doggie while the girls' faces meet to kiss. Tony fucks Susie reverse cowgirl in the car while Ian and Starr find an abandoned black cab to fuck in cowgirl. Anal for Susie in reverse cowgirl and doggy while Ian fucks Starr's bum on the taxi bonnet. Both guys stand side by side for more oral followed by two joint facials for the girls.

While hidden in the bushes the team watch Roxy Rare and Danny Boy arrive and Roxy starts to suck Danny's cock. Kym Morgan and her boyfriend Brian arrive and ask to watch. While Danny gets on with fucking Roxy doggy, Brian rubs himself against Kym's bum (without releasing his cock from his boxers). Danny fucks the naked Roxy cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on the front seats of the Punto while Kym rubs herself nearby, then she gets fucked doggy by Danny. At this point park official Daddy Col arrives to throw everybody out but is persuaded to fuck Kym instead, which he does doggy with condom on the front seat of her MG convertible. Danny fucks Roxy's arse alongside Kym then it's facials for both girls.

In the final scene BJ and girlfriend Karla are filmed as a well-endowed piker wanks in the bushes. The pair get down to sex in the front seat of their Escort and there's more fucking on the bonnet and the grass, all watched by our piker. Karla wanks BJ to a climax over her face then the team track down the pervy piker who is wanking a short distance away down the track. He produces a strong climax which shoots over the production team prompting Jimi May to storm off down the track (forever?).

Relish's Sexposé strand is consistently excellent. All the participants make a very good effort with their dialogue which is as convincing as if they were genuine doggers and thanks to a decent boom mike we can hear every word. Good, hard sex in nice outdoor English locations, 'Health and Efficiency' for the 21st century. Relish make consistently good sex films with wit and flair. Worth £20 of anyone's money.

Review by Bayleaf

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